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Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTOR'S—1920. Whiffen William, 38 High street, Itchen While Francis Benjamin, 91 Milton road Whinam Mrs. 43 Hillside aven. Bitterne pk Whitcher Albert, 9 Bath street Whitcher Art [...]
Full text:[...] 206 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. "Weston, J., saddler, Millbrook Weston, J. R., auctioneer and undertaker, 95, East street, and 88, St. Mary street; private residence, Cranbury place Weston, Miss L. A [...]
Full text:[...] 474 SOUTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. White E. M. builder, 129 Milton road, Fitzhugh White F. bandmaster T.R. Woodbine, 12 Alexandra road, Hill White Geo. boot and shoe maker, 1 Low. Cedar road, Bevo [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. CT Weston, Thomas, baker, Church road, Shirley Weston, William, painter, Manchester-street Whale, Charles, esq. Snakemoor Farm, Durley, near Botley Whalesby, R. J. linen d [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 207 White, Mrs., 16, Hanover buildings White, Mrs., 25, St. Andrew's road White, Mrs., dealer, Rumbridge, Totton White, Mrs. G., 2, Bellevue road White, Rev. G. C., curate [...]
Full text:[...] Cll ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Weston, John, saddler, Millbrook • Weston, Mrs. lodging-house keeper, 12, Cranbury-place Weston, R. Bevois-street Weston, Thos. plumber and painter, 25, East-street We [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIEECaOBT—1920. Western District Drainage Pumping Station, Beech road, Millbrook Westlake Ed.sack contrctr. CrossHouse wharf Westlake William Coventry a.s.a.a. incorporated accountant, 23 [...]
Full text:[...] HUBBUCK'S PATENT WHITE ZINC PAINT, THE PERMANENT WHITE OF THE ANCIENT ARTIST. ELEGANT, HEALTHFUL, DURABLE, ECONOMICAL. Now offered under the ordinary price of White Lead. The White Paint made from pu [...]
Full text:[...] ij6 southampton and neighbourhood Wert Wm. % EllersliOf Park toad, Portswood Wostbrook Edward, Ashdown house, Fawley Weatbrook Mrs. Bay cottage, Fawley Westbrook Mrs. 6t Millbrook rd.FreemanUe Westco [...]
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