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Full text:[...] 104 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. and kind consideration that meets me from every quarter. I pray you to accept for yourself and to convey to your colleagues of the Anglo-Jewish Association my very high appr [...]
Full text:[...] i 96 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. John Marks, Esq., Teeasueeb, in Account with the Anglo-Jewish Association, Ballaeat Beanch, 5645 1885 5646 1886. Or. Last year's Balance . Subscriptions of members Donat [...]
Full text:[...] SCHOOLS IN THE EAST. 27 the Lionel cle Rothschild School in Jerusalem are conspicuously set forth in the following remarks with which Mr. Noel Temple Moore, Her Majesty's Consul, favoured the Managers [...]
Full text:[...] 68 £ s. d. Coronel, E., Esq., 83, High- street, Boro', S.E. .030 Crook, D., Esq., 8, Red-lion-court, Spitalfields, E......0 5 0 Dacunha, H., Esq., 22, Hart-street, "VV.C. . 0 10 6 D'Almeda, Emanuel, E [...]
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