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Full text:[...] 1 APPENDIX B.-JEWS IN THEIR VARIOUS HABITATIONS. 65 Let us all strive towards this high aim according to our means and our powers, and we shall be achieving a benefit to our race, our age and to the w [...]
Full text:[...] PALESTINE. 53 4 X An estimate for a School for 200 boys, and a similar number of girls, was appended to this circular, showing that the annual expenditure would be about 36,000 francs, of which 20,50 [...]
Full text:[...] request that you will inform the Associated Jewish Societies that the statement contained in their letter of the 21st ult., relative to the continued persecution of the Jews in Teheran, will be [...]
Full text:[...] us for ever. With sincere sympathy, I am, Gentlemen, yours truly, H. de Worms, President. To this letter the Comite Central sent the following reply [Translation.] Paris, 5th March, 1880. Gentlemen, We [...]
Full text:[...] ROUMANIA. 17 crowded by poor Jews, and the poverty of the inhabitants increased from day to day. To make matters worse, such Jews were sent, as in Russia, by simple administrative order of the police [...]
Full text:[...] 60 Liegnitz, Berlin, and other German cities, by the branch of the Alliance in Brussels, and mainly by the Central Committee of the Alliance at Paris—to relieve the distress of numerous Jewish orpha [...]
Full text:[...] 68 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Mr. Benchimol, the Master, is desirous of taking non-paying pupils as soon as he possibly can. IV.—SCHOOL at mogador. Master, Mr. Judah Bendahan. Number of pupils in school [...]
Full text:[...] them unless called for by your Lordship, but I enclose translations of the following documents: - Letter from the Vizier, dated the 9th March, 1885, informing me that the Sultan requests that I induce [...]
Full text:[...] 70 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. its foundation. Larache appears to be a most unhealthy spot, and as fever was then raging in the town, I found that all the pupils were absent; some of the poor little ones [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES 127 pleased to be able to report a decided increase in the membership, and altogether a more favourable showing, this year, as compared with the preceding one. A special Canvassing Committee [...]
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