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Full text:[...] show the amount of income which the Anglo-Jewish Association has during the past year derived from its Branches and Agencies :— [...]
Full text:[...] of the two Boards, was accordingly sent in the month of September. In despatches received from the Foreign Office on February 11th and March 1st, the Anglo-Jewish Association was informed that [...]
Full text:[...] and to the people of the United States. A formal acknowledgment of this resolution was received from the Legation of the United States on the 13th October. With reference to the telegram which had [...]
Full text:[...] further incidents of a painful and alarming character, the intelligence of which has reached us from trustworthy sources. We were in hopes that the transfer of the Vali of Bagdad to another post [...]
Full text:[...] the United States. London, September 29th, 1881. I have to acknowledge the reception of a telegram from the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, dated September 22nd, 1881, expressing sorrow [...]
Full text:[...] 18 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. III.—JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION AND THE BOARD OF DEPUTIES. Five meetings with the Delegates of the Board of Deputies have been held since June, 1880. The f [...]
Full text:[...] sacrifices which had to be made for the relief of the Russian Jews, the total amount received from the Branches has suffered no diminution, whilst on the other hand, the resources secured by the [...]
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