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Full text:[...] highest vslue. We have been in the habit of using foreigners in our wars, ever since the days of William III and Marlborough. Sometimes it was under one name and sometimes under another ; .now we hired a [...]
Full text:[...] thnt ever Bowed in the cup of a prince." 17.—Frederick the Great was the son of Frederick William I., and was bom on the 24th of January, 1713. Re was an author as well as a warrior ; but his [...]
Full text:[...] as George Lyndhumt. was successful." and Mr. Theodore j Kelly gave an excellent delineation of William Ly ndhurst -i '__^ Mr. Clarence Ibbotson invested the role of Sambo with a considerable amount of [...]
Full text:[...] Dert.ythire batsmen bad an easy ta*k, and, aftir R P Smith und Fo*tcr had mastered the bowling, William •cored 37 not out. On drawing the atump* the scoro stood as under HA Ill's HI UK. Young. [...]
Full text:[...]  « »»* ~> "Vlkw >i iii »*V>. -,".« Miscellaneous. T ON DefW-^erasTdtiii'Sa house W:K%a%ZcS TTTTANTED, a RESPECTABLE LAD S SUMMERS, Grocer, Boruard-Btreet, e Southampton, ha* a vacancy lor an OUT-DO [...]
Full text:[...] handled by the mob and the prosecutor lost his watch. It was proved that tho defendants, John and William King, were in rightful possession of the gold watches found on them; but tho Bench held that the [...]
Full text:[...] fcsq ). held an inquest at th* Royal Indr- ----Thursday aftsrnoon, respecting tbo death of a led Williamson, 14 year* of age, residing in Kiva*'-lt appeared that deceased had of the brain, and on Tuesday [...]
Full text:[...] August 28, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. | DKI.ICIOl'S I.FMOX JF.I.I.Y. . 'i T ¥7 IVrh.p. die might marry a Coma or lUron. IVrh.M~ it migW- cren V> » Pnn» or mi nek I Soak 1 01. I.ig gela [...]
Full text:[...] Mes*rs. Bishop, Coles, and J. S. Pearce take the place of Mews. W. Furber, J.P„ w. H. Davis, and William Perkins. The Council have assembled twenty-five times during the Mayoralty of Mr. A. L. [...]
Full text:[...] %n giving judgment, attributed grese nsg. hgwuca, :f not incompstency, on tho part of Csplmln William James, and suspended his certificate for n* "3 o * mato's certlficata. Mr. Howrd Smith aM*ared on [...]
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