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Full text:[...] Boys at the North Stoneham camp, May-June 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] Girls eating in the camp, May-June 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] Girls at North Stoneham writing, May-June 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] The camp at North Stoneham, May-June 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] Nurses on the quayside at Southampton escorting girls from the Habana, May 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] DEPARTAMENTO DE ASISTENCIA SOCIAL DEL PAÍS VASCO EXPEDICIÓN A INGLATERRA No. 2541 Each child was given a hexagonal badge, and those accompanying them, the teachers and helpers, were similarly identif [...]
Full text:[...] The camp at North Stoneham Today the site is the north of Chestnut Avenue, in Chandler's Ford, to the north-east of the ASDA hypermarket. Aerial view of the camp at North Stoneham, May-July 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] 80 Translation of a letter addressed by the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cid Mahommed Bargash, to the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, dated 13f/i May, 1874. Praise to the One God! [...]
Full text:[...] 43 15. The Council shall, at its first monthly meeting, elect an Executive Committee, consisting of not less than ten members, of whom three shall form a quorum. 16. The Executive Committee shall hav [...]
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