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Full text:[...] CRADLE OF HENRY V. 37 146 (i) (2) In connec'. ion with this exhibit should be noted The Stone Cannon Balls from the Hartley College Museum. These were dredged from the mud in the neighbourhood of the [...]
Full text:[...] mate s handbook to southampton. St. Thomas' Parish Church was built in the twelfth century, and teems with interest. The Garrison Church, which was an ancient Domus Dei, or God's House, is a perfect [...]
Full text:[...] 42 SOUTHAMPTON STBBBT DIRECTORY. Bellevue road—continued 28 Ray Wm. watch maker 28 Iiay Mrs. William, furrier & plumassier 30 Smith Mark, steward the Southampton & Isle of W. Steam Packet Co 32 Malpa [...]
Full text:[...]  A 32 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. r- Winsor—Allsop, ' Dolphin,' tues. & thurs. 2 p.m. (via Calmore) ' Woodlands—Reeves,' Dolphin, ' fri. noon Water Conveyances. Docks & Inland "Waterways Executive. Dock [...]
Full text:[...] Q U I N I OHO THE BLOOD jd THE MTU."- Deuteronomy, chap. aJL» *f CLARKES recruits We Gedatal BodWy *H*dK, proper healthy condition of nd Physical Foreea.—Bottlea, *#&* each. Mold by utbampton—G. Doma [...]
Full text:[...] Chemists. Prescriptions Speciality. Telephone loax. Established upwards of a century. Gunsmiths. cox A Mcpherson, for cuns, Fishing Tackle, and Ammunition, 62, High Street, Southampton. Hatters. CEO. [...]
Full text:[...] 47 9. Who translated the Hebrew Prayer Book into the Marathi languageP The Sephardim Daily Prayer Book has been translated by Mr. Shaloam Samuel, and another by Mr. Joseph Ezekiel. 10. Has there ever [...]
Full text:[...] 48 eleventh annual report. appears in Appendix F. In a concluding part of his letter, lie notices a remark, made by the Rabbins of Damascus, that the pupils at the Alliance School had made more progre [...]
Full text:[...] 50 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. APPENDIX C. A 8EETGE OF LIFE IN DAMASCUS. Being an Abstract from a Letter of M. M. Iresco, Director oe the Alliance School. [Translation.] It affords me sincere pleasure to n [...]
Full text:[...] ma MOROCCO. 45 Enclosure in No. 126. Cid Mohameb Ben Moktsar to Sir J. Drtjmmond Hay. [Translation.] 25 Joomacl, 1297 (Jlay 5th, 1880). We have received the memorandum in which it is stated that the r [...]
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