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Full text:[...] to the duties with which they are charged. The Council have been chiefly occupied with the consideration of measures for the prevention of persecution, and for improving the education of the young [...]
Full text:[...] NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. ville the assurance that its representations would guide the Foreign Office in using the whole influence of this country for protecting the Jews in Morocco from the insults and th [...]
Full text:[...] that the Jewish Schools in the above cities, as well as in other important localities, had lost considerable portions of their revenue as the natural effect of the calamities of the war. Subsequent [...]
Full text:[...] deepest regret, the death of several representative men. The Bradford Branch lost its venerable President, Mr. I. A. Unna. In Manchester died, before the commencement of the present year, Dr. Isaac A. [...]
Full text:[...] the most part, artizans. Last year, when Colonel Waddington, Inspector of Schools in the Bombay Presidency, was on a visit to England, he was kind enough to give the Secretary of this Association such [...]
Full text:[...] Statistics, lucidly drawn up, accompanied that correspondence. The Council, after taking into consideration the great advantages afforded by the twelve Schools now established in Constantinople, voted [...]
Full text:[...] THE NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT of tiie 1889-90. -IS The past year has been one of great activity in both departments of the Anglo-Jewish Association—the protection of the interests of oppressed Jewis [...]
Full text:[...] RETROSPECT. 9 Sultan directly in some of the towns visited by him during the course of last year. The Council can again, with every satisfaction, refer to those pages in the present Report which deal [...]
Full text:[...] AFFAIRS. Tlxe business of the Association is conducted by the President, Vice-Presidents and Council, whose functions are defined in the Constitution which appears in [...]
Full text:[...] M. Ignaz Bauer (of the firm Weisweiller and Bauer) of Madrid, and was by him presented to the President of the Council of Ministers, who received it most favourably, and promised that it should [...]
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