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Full text:[...] 116 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. and trade education so highly deserves our sympathy and support that the Executive hopes that this appeal for improved aid to the Association will not be made in vain. Th [...]
Full text:[...] 118 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. extensive support of Schools in such countries where civilisation is unfortunately still far below European standards, and where the native populations are unable or too [...]
Full text:[...] 134: FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Montreal—cont. Hart, L. A., Esq., D.C.L. . Jacobs, Abraham, Esq. Jacoby, A., Esq. . Joseph, Abraham, Esq. (Quebec Joseph, Geo. R., Esq. . Joseph, Gersliom, Esq., D.C.L. [...]
Full text:[...] 136 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. NEWCASTLE—conf. & a. d. Lotinga, M., Esq^ 4, Bolton- t err ace, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 0 10 6 Lotinga, Mrs. 4, Bolton-terrace, Newcastle - on -Tyne . . . . . 0 6 0 Marks, Dav [...]
Full text:[...] 140 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. success, continue to watch over the interests of Judaism in all quarters of the habitable globe. Signed on behalf of the Committee, B. Lichtenstein, President. Ii. Naphta [...]
Full text:[...] 142 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. PLYMOUTH BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. lewis HyMAN, Esq., President. Ernest a. Lyons, Esq., Treasurer. asheb Levy, Esq., Hon. Secretary. L. conitz, Esq. H. London, Esq. J. r [...]
Full text:[...] 146 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT, Agar, M., Esq. Baum, M., Esq. Baum, Mrs. M. Chapman, H., Esq Co}ion, M., Esq. Cohen, S., Esq. Cohen, Mrs. S. Davis, D. E., Esq Davies, H., Esq. Ehrenfeldt, M., Es Fifer, [...]
Full text:[...] 148 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Toronto—com. Cohen. Jacob, Esq. Davis, Henry, Esq. Davis, Isaac, Esq. Epstein, T., Esq.. Fogler, H., Esq. . Fogler, S., Esq. . Franklin, A., Esq. Friendly, A., Esq. Goldr [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OP DONATIONS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS AT DINNER. 75 Dinner List—cons. £ ». d. L. G. Leverson, Esq. . .110 Ernest G. Mocatta, Esq.. .110 Samuel Mooatta, Esq. . .110 R. N......0 10 0 £14 3 6 Per A. E. Syd [...]
Full text:[...] 76 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. BALLARAT BRANCH, HONORARY OFFICERS. I. JONAS, Esq., President. J. Marks, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. J. M. Goldreich, Esq., Hon. Correspondent, N. F. spielvogel, Esq., Hon. Secre [...]
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