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Full text:[...] BISHOPSTOKE DIRECTORY. 799 Stamford Jn. B. 4 Colchester ay gssftfi p»t,d ifcarks Mrs. A. M. 75 Church rd ; Steeds Bertie Edgar, 4o Fair Oak ird teede Arth. Frank, 38 Longmead av Stephens Harry, 12 Ne [...]
Full text:[...] 860 BISHOPSTOKE DIRECTORY. Tolfree Wilfred Jn. 41 Longmead av Tomlin Wltr. Gordon, 50 Longmead av Toms Arth. Wltr. 393 Fair Oak rd. Fair Oak Toomer Rt. Chas. 31 Drake rd Travers Jn. 24 New id. Sandy [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY, 437 Three Horseshoes, John Croucher, Botley Three Swans, Samuel Wiseman, 55 Ander son's terrace, Albert street Three Tuns, James Whitlock, Middle Bridge street, Romsey Turk's Head, [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 81 Set of the Tides at full and Change At the Needles, Isle of Wight, the West Stream makes about 10 o'clock, the East Flood making at 3.40; the velocity of both st [...]
Full text:[...] 242 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 6 Mitchell Hy. seaman 7 Luekhurst John, bootmaker 8 White John, labourer 9 Norris Wm. oil pressor 10 Bartley Chas. smith 11 Thresher Geo. storekeeper 12 Preston John [...]
Full text:[...] Cope Collection CL Sou 3 J> Philharmonic Hall, WE
Full text:[...] JOHN PARR AND SON, JOB AND POST-MASTERS, I ' Carlton-Mews, Southampton, In returning thanks to their Friends and the Public generally, for their kind support since commencing business, take this oppo [...]
Full text:[...]  S14 1TAC SOUTHAMPTON, ETC,, CLASSIFIED TEADES DIEECTOJRY—1920. v-..:. Yacht Buix-dkbs—continued. Summers & Payne Limited, Belvidere road, Millstone point & 85 High street Thornycroft John I. & Co. [...]
Full text:[...] %. ■ I F.llIM'AKY 2.1, 1878. STUXKIIAM iKUim (IK H S«>[ III hi ('A Ml HI IHMKL» *' r ensucl. rwultii ( ,L%:,rc ' comn I: ■•:. SOUTHAMPTON TIMES AND HAMPSHIRE EXPRESS-COUNTY PAPER. ■Bolotion pro SHIP [...]
Full text:[...] R ®RI Untiia anb OTrtJtilng CDrticr^ cxccuteD fo(tj) ^Economg 23, HICH-ST., SOUTHAMPTON. J. H. and S. Smith have constantly on hand a good assortment of Berliu, Shetland, and Fleecy Wools, &c.; Ber [...]
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