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Williams, E.D.
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. WHI 741 white Ernest A. 19 Dale Valley rd. Shirley White Ernest Fredk. 109 King George s av. ffhite^Eras". Hy. 4 Heathfield pi. Heathfield rd. Sholing White Frank, 18 Bourne av. Sh [...]
Full text:[...] 466 "W±fX SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD a White James, 127 Adelaide road White" James, 69 Avenue road, Itehen White James, 125 Church street, Shirley White James, 85 Ivy road White James, 107 Northum [...]
Full text:[...] 686 WHI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD I . I I M' #!''■ I'1 -- I - til: White Jn. 90 St. Andrew's rd White Jn. Sunnydale, Cobden av. Bitterne Park White Jn. 9 Uplands way, Highfield White Jn. B. 317 [...]
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