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Full text:[...] PoLYGon House, RESIDENTIAL HOTEL : : : AND HIGH-CLASS BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT. Tennis and Croquet Lawns. Full Sized Billiards. Heated throughout during Winter. Excellent Cuisine. inclusive tariff. Th [...]
Full text:[...] 104 London—oont. Solomon, S., Esq., 176, Weston - street, Ber-mondsey, S.E. . . 0 10 6 Solomon, Saul, Esq., 22, Finsbury-place, E.G. .110 •Solomon, Mrs. A., 41, Clifton-gardens, W. . .0 10 0 Solomons, [...]
Full text:[...] 108 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. DONATIONS TO EASTERN SCHOOLS. JEWISH GIRLS' SCHOOLS IN THE EAST. £ s. d. Baroness de Rothschild........ 50 0 0 Louisa, Lady Goldsmid........ 25 0 0 Messrs. D. Sassoon and Co. [...]
Full text:[...] 122 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Stern, James. Esq., 6, Angel-court, E.G. .110 Stern, Viscount de, 22, Queen's-gate, S.W. .550 Sternberg, D., Esq., 58, Hildrop-crescent, N.W. 0 Sternberg, [...]
Full text:[...] AND RESIDENTS IN HAMPSHIRE. Brambles, W. Gauntlett, esq., Portsmouth Brambridge House, Hon. Mrs. Craven, Winchester Bramshaw Cottage, Rev. S. Heath- cote, Stoney Cross Bramshaw Hill, Deane Shute, esq [...]
Full text:[...] "WHAT 18 BOUGHT 13 CHEAPEB THAN A GIFT.' INTERESTING GLEANINGS AND GATHERINGS. Eowxaa GiaS03 wrote out his " Memoirs " nine times. IN 1600 any one absent from church on Sunday was fined one shilling. [...]
Full text:[...] T-J-V 1 ■«' two*" IMPERIAL PAitLIAMENT, In now of Common* on Fridty Sir J. JI'OM»l-no« notico th«t on Uon^y he Vguld uioto to dUdUrge Its order for tha Moond nadiffg of the Metrojwli* War.orki PurtW [...]
Full text:[...] EARLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. 137 Titchfield, where a sumptuous monument erected to his memory is still extant. A portrait from a picture belonging to Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and an autograph document dated [...]
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GENTftY IN HANTS. Morton, Hon. A., Hill Grove, Ryde 1 Parker Joseph, e.q., Pylewell, Ly-Skock, H. J. esq., Ropl*y-lodge, pmmgto„ ,art. LiUle c. Emsworth Pedler, J. esq., Purbrook-houee, [...]
Full text:[...] KOMMT* AND OENTftY IN HANTS. 11 gqroggg, Mrs., Standen. house, An- dover ■■ Seaham, Viscount, Seaham-house, ;; Yiirmouth Seaman, Pierce, esq., Elm-cottage, . Cowes Seweli, B. esq., Millbrook, Newport [...]
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