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Full text:[...] COUNTRY SEATS AND THEIR RESIDENTS. 46 pitt Place-house,Newport, —Walms-ley, esq. pitt's-deep, Lymington, Lieutenant Tracy, R.N. plash-house, Christchurch, Thomas Penruddocke, esq. pleasant Hill-house [...]
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GKENTBY. 211 Boxer, General, Upton, Ryde Bpyle, Major, The Cottage, St. Helen's, Ryde Bradburne, F. A., J.P., Lyburn, Bramshaw * Bradburne, Mrs., Bramshaw lodge, Bramshaw Bradbury, H., C [...]
Full text:[...] 88 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Bay-house, Gosport, The Hon. Miss Baring Beacon-lodge, Christchurch, Hon. Grantley Berkeley Beacon-cliff, Lymington, Alexander Falconer, esq. BeaudTere-house, Alresford, B [...]
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GESTBY. 31 Oliver, G. esq. Bramdean-cottage, Alresford Onslow, Hon. Colonel, Upton-house, Alresford O'Reilley, J. R. esq. Shirley, Southampton Orger, Rev. W. Shirley, Southton. Orsborn, [...]
Full text:[...] ROYAL SOUTHE£3 YACHT CLUB. THE ROYAL SOUTHERN YACHT CLUB. Patroness—The Queen. j! «- Commodore—The Most Noble the Marquis of Conyngham. Vice-Commodore—Robeit Wright^ esq. , , Rear-Commodore—Thos. Leg [...]
Full text:[...] COUNTRY SEATS AMD THEIR RESIDENTS, 37 Queen's-house, Stephens Lyndhurst, Major Racton-cottage, Emsworth, Thomas Hipkins, esq. Kamley-lodge, Lyminglon, James Hunt, esq. Ramridge-house, Andover, Pike S [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. HIGr 349 Palla-Ltd. East side. . here is Woodmill la ...... "2 Welch Maurice, plumber 2 Welch Mrs i Carr J. F. grocer 6 G-rice F. J 8 Windebank Mrs 10 Glasspool Miss I. H 12 Parkes [...]
Full text:[...] COUNTRY SEATS AND THEIR RESIDENTS. Belvidere-villa, Millbrook, South- ampton, Capt. Bold Bentworth-hall, Alton, J. R. Ives,esq. Berehill-house, Andover-road, Thos. Paley, esq. Berely-house, Petersfie [...]
Full text:[...] Monro, J as. esq. Lymington Moody, John Sadleir, esq. Chilworth- cottage, Southampton Moody, Mrs. Berrywood, Southampton Morant, J. esq. Brockenhurst-house, Lymington Morant, Gale, E. jun. esq. Upham [...]
Full text:[...] 58 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP THE Rosiere, Lyndhurst, Captain W. B. Dashwood Rotherfield-park, Alton, James W. Scott, esq. Rothesay Castle, Christchurch, Lady Stuart De Rothesay Rownhams, Southampton, Maj. [...]
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