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Full text:[...] > !-I;1, ■ y u 1 694 WTIi SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Jj-t. A fc!' i t |IJ V 1 1 1 - pv ' v Wilson Kenneth Wm. 99 Bishop's rd. Itchen Wilson Leslie Wm. 8 Mill rd. Millbrook Wilson Miss A. 81 Stanto [...]
Full text:[...] 710 TEA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD If ;-v : ivi' |:i :; i Teare Kenneth M. The Laurels, Chetwynd rd. Bassett Teare Rd. 2 Stafford rd Tearse Jn. T. R. 21 Violet rd. Bassett Teasdale J as. 65 Dimond [...]
Full text:[...] 712 THO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Thomas Roger, 10 Bishop's cres. Itchen Thomas Ronald, 71 Cornwall rd. Bitterne Park Thomas Roy, 197 Wilton rd. Shirley Thomas Saml. 21 William st. Northam Thomas [...]
Full text:[...] PRIV ATE tRESID ENTS. T YIJ JL 721 gdns. Turlier Ernest D. 212 King George's av. Tnnier'Ernest F. Craigen-darroch, Glenfield cres Bitterne && i&F&ISE&T' „ Turner F-redk. J. 423 Burgess rd. Swaythhng [...]
Full text:[...] 750 WIL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Wilson Eric, 83 Thorndike rd. Maybush Wilson Ernest R. 8 Maldon rd. Bitterne Wilson F. Leslie, 6 Avon rd. Bitterne Park Wilson Frank, 33 Warren ores. Shirley War [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—1920. TEA 805 Shepherd Edward, 109 Lodge road ShoosmithMrs.93 Macuaghten rd.Bitterne pk Sidenberg Philip, 4 Ever boa street Simmons George Webb, 10 Bridge street Smith & C [...]
Full text:[...] 112 SBCl SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD | I U] SHIRLEY PRESS LTD. (inc. Baverstock & Sons), printers, 1a, Church st. Shi'rley. Tel. No. 71911. See advert Shirley Public Baths, 388 Shirley rd Shirley [...]
Full text:[...]  778 SOU SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD ' ,3; 1; .a. tc f % Southern Turf Commissions (W. J. Petty), turf commssn. agts. Haddon hall, Ogle rd Southern Tyre iService (Southampton) (N. 0. iProuton), ty [...]
Full text:[...] A 780 STB. SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD . jl' ,1 I f, v 1 A i hi. y Strong & Co. (of RomseyY Ltd. brewers; Woolston agency, 30 Portsmouth rd. Woolston , Strong Jas. E. bopt repr. 26b, Church st. [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. YOU 791 Wool ley
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