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Full text:[...] 42 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. 14. Obliging them to give the wool of their flocks against their will. 15. Obliging them to keep their bedding at the disposal of the guests (of the Governor). 16. Imposin [...]
Full text:[...] MOROCCO. 17 The Jews of Demnat.—In the previous Annual Report the Council adverted to the calamities which had befallen the Jews of Demnat through the insults and extortions to which the Governor of t [...]
Full text:[...] THE EDUCATION FUND.—BRANCHES. 13 receive our most serious attention is, the means to be devised of raising the capital to the proposed original minimum of £10,000; and considering the great utility an [...]
Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Alphabetical Index to Localities where the Anglo-Jewish Association has Branches, Agencies, Committees, and Members :— Ballarat, 67; Bagdad, 48; Bedford, 48; Belfast, 48; [...]
Full text:[...] 28 should the case be urgent, to interfere at once on behalf of the victims as far as he could properly do so. And shortly after this, the welcome intelligence was received that the unfortunate Jews h [...]
Full text:[...] 29 happy, peaceful, and prosperous reign, that He may shower every blessing upon you, and cause your Sheriffian Majesty to live in the hearts of your Majesty's loyal and devoted subjects. We further h [...]
Full text:[...] 31 had delayed to communicate until we returned to Tangier, in order that we might forward it to you through the friend of all, the above mentioned minister. Wishing you well. Friendship. 26, Rabea, t [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS TO THE FUND FOR THE FOR THE JEWISH SCHOOL AT TANGIER S. Per Mrs. Robert Lindsay. A Friend, Belfast Alumnus, Q.O.B. Boyd, John K., Esq., Belfast Byers Mrs., Belfast . . . Coakley, [...]
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GENTBY IN HANTS. 13 Wbe&ble, Thos. esq. Mitchelmarsh, Romsey Wfaefttyear, Benj. esq. Burton-cottage, Christchurch Whitly, Mrs. Newlands, Lymington Whitchurch, J. esq. Sway-house, Lymingt [...]
Full text:[...] 36 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NOBILITY AND GENTBY. r / Wilson, Capt. E. r.n. Keyhaven, Lymington Wilson, Forrester,esq.Woolley-green, Romsey Wilson, Henniker, esq. Drayton- lodge, Whitchurch Wilson, J. esq [...]
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