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Full text:[...] Hist of illustrations. Views of Old Southampton : From a drawing by Mr. R. M. Lucas ... ... ... Frontispiece General View of Large Hall, showing Roman and Prehistoric Remains ... ... ... to face p. 2 [...]
Full text:[...] 1 APPENDIX B.-JEWS IN THEIR VARIOUS HABITATIONS. 65 Let us all strive towards this high aim according to our means and our powers, and we shall be achieving a benefit to our race, our age and to the w [...]
Full text:[...] ' August 21, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. \j Royal Southampton Yacht Club Regatta. & f Photo: Kdward Ashby. Shamrock winning the match for the 23—metre class from White Heather. (Inset) [...]
Full text:[...] l-i J U UXUl.HJ |ELI JILJJLI May I, igrrsi. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. £1 Local Fishermen's Paradise. The above pictures, which were taken by Mr. A. C. Trestrail, of the Star Hotel, Southamp [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. May I, 1912. The Royal Winchester Golf Club. The Royal Winchester Golf Club is one of the oldest in Hampsh ire, and one of the nineteen clubs in the United Kingdo [...]
Full text:[...] CORPORATION PLATE. 35 122 123 VII. 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 The Hartley University College, The Corporation Seals. fa - .. Impressions of the same— The oldest is one of the Sheriffs seals [...]
Full text:[...] DBA WINGS. 45 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 Mr. C J. 'Hair. Sketch showing proposed Houses over Undercroft. Mr. Burrough Bill. Opening of the largest Graving Dock in the World at Southampton. Group of [...]
Full text:[...] PALESTINE. 53 4 X An estimate for a School for 200 boys, and a similar number of girls, was appended to this circular, showing that the annual expenditure would be about 36,000 francs, of which 20,50 [...]
Full text:[...] persia. 23 endeavouring, it seems, to evade compliance with the Shah's orders. I have informed Mirza Sa'id Khan that no arrangement in respect to this matter, which does not provide for the hond signe [...]
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