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Full text:[...] 61 Others are lodged even worse. At the outset it is necessary that more air-holes than now exist should be made in the several apartments, and it should be pointed out to the inhabitants that, if the [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 203 AYS Sir Walter Besant in his admirable review of Her Majesty's reign, entitled " In Sixty Years," '' there have been losses—some decay of manners, some decay [...]
Full text:[...] PROGRAMME. 61 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. IO.O—EXHIBITION OPEN. Visit of the Hampshire Field Club and Archteological Society. 12.0—LECTURE : " Streets and Roads of Old Southampton." By MR. T. W. SHORE, [...]
Full text:[...] 50 sojourn in the neighbourhood. The whole of this delightful site is now built on, and tasteless rows of tenements occupy one of the sweetest spots about Southampton. The entrance to the great tunne [...]
Full text:[...] 57 St. Peteb's Chtech is an elegant edifice, constructed ■with stone in 1846. Its style is the early Norman, and though simple and not much enriched, is worked out with great care and earnestness. Th [...]
Full text:[...] 58 PART ill. SHORT BIDES AND WALKS IN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. In addition to the great beauty of their scenery, the roads from Southampton hays two great recommendations—firstly, dry r [...]
Full text:[...] bMs II XVI. Page 99 . ;; 99 99 99 99 99 99 COBBECTIONS, REMOVALS, AND ADDENDA. Corrections and Removals. iMfc Addenda. % & ent rooms, Railway E5 &SS& Bartfey,Cotton Everett, J., Colbury manor, Totton [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. 480 Ford Mrs. M. C. 14 Queen's terr. Gates Mrs. 90 St. Andrew's road Godden" Mrs. 1 Oriental cottages, Vincent's walk Gover Miss, St. Alban's house, 23 Queen's terrace [...]
Full text:[...] 46 PBINT8. 359 Steel Engraving of Ivy Cottage, Itchen Ferry. jfr. J. Docom&a. 360 Engraving, Bargate. Southampton, by T. S. Seed. 361 Engraving, Water Gate, by T. S. Seed. Z%6 jPYee 362 Bnrsledon Com [...]
Full text:[...] 150 SOME GREAT EVENTS. of years, yet there are very few traces of the early centuries of their settlement, and we know much less of them and of their life in this neighbourhood from actual remains th [...]
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