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Shore, T.W.
Shore, T.W.
Full text:[...]  LIST OF WRITERS OF THE INTRODUCTORY SKETCHES. W. D. ... F. J. C. H. W. B. H. W. F. M. H. R. T. W. S. S. S. H. G. T D. de V. William Dale, F.S.A. F. J. C. Hearnshaw, M.A., LL.M. William Burrough Hill [...]
Full text:[...] PAINTINGS. 43 Free Library— 252 On the Itchen at Woodmill— C. F. Williams. 253 Tree Study in the New Forest— 251 The Domed Sky, Bitterne— „ 255 Southampton, from Hythe Shore— ,, 256 Bitterne, after S [...]
Full text:[...] |ps ON THE ANTIQUITIES SHOWN IN THE FRONTISPIECE. By E. M. LUCAS. ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, High Street. Designed by Reveley : built 1794. Fine cupola at E. end. Ceiling 6t feet span. Monument by Flaxman. [...]
Full text:[...] 110 PART V. BATHS. Southampton deservedly possessed a high reputation as a bathing place some years ago. In addition to the extensive beach line, which was open at certain hours, there was a convenie [...]
Full text:[...] 31 Here the stranger will find himself-at a considerable elevation, the ground being level with the top of the lofty fortifications commanding a beautiful view of the Test and opposite shores, and of [...]
Full text:[...] mate's handbook to southampton. Empress Eugenie caught the last glimpse of the Prince Imperial as he left for South Africa, like, alas ! many a true hearted comrade, never to return. Radley's Hotel, [...]
Full text:[...] INDEX TO STREETS. I St. Andrew's road ......54 St. Lawrence road, Canute road 13 St. Mark's road, St. Mary's road 45 St. Mark's terrace, St. Mary's _ road ... .........46 St. Mary s buildings, St. Ma [...]
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