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Full text:[...] 15 colonial produce or manufactures; and it confines, moreover, this truly liberal concession only to the Israelites, who are already established, to the exclusion of their own parents or children, wh [...]
Full text:[...] 26 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. and boroughs]—as to payment of rates and taxes—of claim by Freemen to Town Clerks—of objection to Overseers and Town Clerks—of objection to parties objected to—from Town C [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. 33 Dukes of Clarence and Warwick, and those of Earl Rivers, when the former were defeated and prevented seizing a large vessel called the Trinity, belonging to the port. 1473 [...]
Full text:[...] 36 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT The Hampshire Advertiser newspaper established.—A steamer (the Medina) made the first trip from Southampton to the Channel Islands. 1823. Zion Chapel built.—-The Dispensary e [...]
Full text:[...] 60 PROGRAMME. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER :2th. 2.30—BIJOU ORCHESTRA (under direction of Ma. WARWICK Mooas) 1. MARCH .. .. " Sounds of Peace " 2. OVERTURE .. " Poeb and Peasant" 3. VALSE...... "Amorettentanze" [...]
Full text:[...] 62 PEO GRAMME. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th. 10.0—EXHIBITION OPEN. 3.0—LECTUEE : " Prehistoric Southampton." By ME. W. DALE, F.S.A., F.G.B. Chairman: Professor E. J. C. Hearnshaw, MA., LL.M. 6.30—LECTUB [...]
Full text:[...] 64 PROGRAMME. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th. ,0.0—EXHIBITION OPENED. 3.0—LECTURE : " The Earls of Southampton." By The REV. G. W. MINNS, LL.B., F.S.A. Chairman : Me, W. Dale, F.S.A. 7.o—8.0—MUSICAL PROGRAMM [...]
Full text:[...] PROGRAMME. (55 17th. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10.0—EXHIBITION OPEN 3.0—LEOTUBE : " The Dawn of History in Southampton." By MB. CHABLE8 COOE8ET. Chairman: Ma. G. E. PiTT. 6.30—LECTUBE : " Great Events in t [...]
Full text:[...] THE FRENCH CHURCH IN SOUTHAMPTON. 75 Prince of Orange having- returned to the Low Countries, with a new army from Germany, to try to deliver those Countries and the unhappy Churches out of the hands [...]
Full text:[...] 72 GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. : i 1\ Names of Mails, and of Towns for which Letter-bags are made up in Southampton, with the Time for closing the Box at the Post-office in Hammer-buildings for each Mail. [...]
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