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Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. THE 305 treeside road, Shirley. From 23 Janson road to'Gurney road & Cherry walk. South-west side. 1 Strong Wm 3 Cook Edmnd. Frank 5 Usher Mrs 7 Hughes Elwin Young, in- surance agt [...]
Full text:[...] SIRDAR ROAD, Sholing. From 20 St. Monica road. Map I 9. • North side. 2 Bowen Leonard Chas 4 Arnold Alec South, side. 1 Hiscock Hy. Chas 3 Joyce Fredk 5 Etheridge Laurence Albt. C 7 Bevis Jn 9 Oriokm [...]
Full text:[...]  "wnr lHjei WWHI —— ----- l'HR 80QTHAM1T0K OBSERVER A2)D WINCHESTER HEWB-SATURDA'f, NOVEMBER 9. 1878. . i s i Notice! S1 Memorandum Books Note Paper Rulers Letter Clips Pens and Holders Scrap Books [...]
Full text:[...]  -L,A-v.^i *' vMpyysf^r^1 -t :iv/- ,!y/ MM BITT0ME0FBBW8. Amint to Rom a Lsrrxa ■ c arh is*.—OnMonday morning the letter-cnnier despatched from Castlehar for Ball* was itorpcd on tho way by a man wh [...]
Full text:[...]  1HR SOOTHAMtrTON OBSEKVER AMD WINCHESTER JNEWS-8ATU KlJA r> KOVEMBER 23. ISTg. I s itOI'AlKXUi Sz; Notice 1 — O © a .j. £ Memorandum Books Note Paper Rulers Letter Clips Pens and Holders Scrap Book [...]
Full text:[...] g Thompson A. J., J.P 9 Tucker Miss 10 Berry Miss N U Gibbs Mrs thorold house. See Thorold road. thorold road, Bitterne Park. From Cobden avenue to 168 Hidanbury la. Map 6 5, H 5. South side. Tkorold [...]
Full text:[...] trearnan close, Millbrook. From Harlyn road. Map A 5. 1 Smith Mrs. P. M 2 Brindley Jack 3 Biggins Douglas 4 Dudley Jack Herbt 5 Johnson Hope Fredk 6 Walton Wm. Allen 7 Lockhart Wm 8 Brandwood Fredk. [...]
Full text:[...] 480 FAB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Farmer Mrs. 8 Peveril rd. Itchen Farmer Percy Wm. G. 45 Heysham rd. Freemantle Farmer Win. Geo. 134 Middle rd. Sholing Farmer Wm. Stephen, 3 Norwich rd. Bit- ter [...]
Full text:[...] 596 POC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Poeock Mrs. 6 Lamward mans. Lodge rd Pocock Mrs. 117 Northumberland rd Podesta Alfd. Jn. 5 Bellevue st Podesta Harry, 39 .Garfield rd. Bitterne Park Podger Arth. [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PON 643 av. rd. rd. Plomer Wm. Geo. 25 College st pLghman Miss, 60 Howard rd Plowman Eric, 3 Fernewood cres. Bittern© Plowman Fredk. 98 King George's p low man °F redk. Anthony, 2 [...]
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