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Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. TYE 1275 Knapton H. 38 Oakbank rd. Woolston RfliNTRUIVl FRANK, 26 Belmont rd. Portswood. Telephone, Southampton 55602 Painter J. P. 121 Bernard st PEQLER A. 18 Station rd. Totton & [...]
Full text:[...] 1116 TUG SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD JACK COUZENS (MEMBER. OF VICTORIA CLUB, LONDON) Turf Commission Agent Phone: 2112 2113 2114 2115 Telegrams: " Horses, Southampton GENUINE NO LIMIT S.P. OR TOTE [...]
Full text:[...] 820 ±*LA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Plaza Cirieitta (O'debn Associated Theatres , Ltd. iprOpfs.), 201 Northam rd Pleated M. Son, pastrycooks, 2 & 3 Windsor iter ^ Plo^wman E. A. #Irs.), cafe, 46 [...]
Full text:[...] if'!' 762 PIC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD c * >/ •Sri i-1 #1* r ■ 1 A)l | If II 5 BR 0*; Pickfords Ltd. carriers, Crown st. Shirley iPickfords Ltd, cartage depot, Southern Region Railway Goods d [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PON 643 av. rd. rd. Plomer Wm. Geo. 25 College st pLghman Miss, 60 Howard rd Plowman Eric, 3 Fernewood cres. Bittern© Plowman Fredk. 98 King George's p low man °F redk. Anthony, 2 [...]
Full text:[...] 596 POC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Poeock Mrs. 6 Lamward mans. Lodge rd Pocock Mrs. 117 Northumberland rd Podesta Alfd. Jn. 5 Bellevue st Podesta Harry, 39 .Garfield rd. Bitterne Park Podger Arth. [...]
Full text:[...] 480 FAB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Farmer Mrs. 8 Peveril rd. Itchen Farmer Percy Wm. G. 45 Heysham rd. Freemantle Farmer Win. Geo. 134 Middle rd. Sholing Farmer Wm. Stephen, 3 Norwich rd. Bit- ter [...]
Full text:[...] trearnan close, Millbrook. From Harlyn road. Map A 5. 1 Smith Mrs. P. M 2 Brindley Jack 3 Biggins Douglas 4 Dudley Jack Herbt 5 Johnson Hope Fredk 6 Walton Wm. Allen 7 Lockhart Wm 8 Brandwood Fredk. [...]
Full text:[...] g Thompson A. J., J.P 9 Tucker Miss 10 Berry Miss N U Gibbs Mrs thorold house. See Thorold road. thorold road, Bitterne Park. From Cobden avenue to 168 Hidanbury la. Map 6 5, H 5. South side. Tkorold [...]
Full text:[...]  1HR SOOTHAMtrTON OBSEKVER AMD WINCHESTER JNEWS-8ATU KlJA r> KOVEMBER 23. ISTg. I s itOI'AlKXUi Sz; Notice 1 — O © a .j. £ Memorandum Books Note Paper Rulers Letter Clips Pens and Holders Scrap Book [...]
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