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Full text:[...] 488 TOY SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Foyle Percy, 84 Melbourne st Foyle Regnld. B. 57 Larch rd. Maybush Frake Fredk. Wm. 59 Livingstone rd. Portswood Frake Geo. Hy. 20 Kitchener rd Frake Mrs. 73 Ear [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. 515 Egg aid Butter Merchants., °Mirk3l ihn * an E]?s oa:y. *Br<>wn Hjnrj, 2 Above bar LANHAM J. 0. and Co. 3 Hanover buildings, near B.irgite ♦HEAD Edward, 73 and 74 Fr [...]
Full text:[...] 464 DOWT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Donald J. A. 10 Edge Hill rd. Bitterne Park Donald Mrs. 45a, Aberdeen rd. St. Denys Donaldson Alex. 3 Bellemoor rd. Shirley Donaldson Arth. 228 Summit way, Bitt [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON CLASSIFIED TRADES. 498 BUI Posters and Advertising Agents- COLSON Wm. " Reform Hall," Above bar, and Clifton terrace Gladwin Geo. 40 Park road, Free- mantle _ SHIELDS & GEAR, 22 Upper Por [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. FEA 453 av. rd. Foyle Percvl. Hy. Oakdene, Oaklands way, Bassett . Foyle Percy, 84 Melbourne st Foyle Regnld. B. 57 Larch rd. Maybush Frake Fredk. Alex. 100 Prince of Wales Millbro [...]
Full text:[...] m # : "T ^Wainwriftht Wm. 90 Northumberland road Artificial Manure Manufacturers and Merchants. Dixon & Cardus, Northam mills, and at Redbridge and Newport, Isle of Wight -Toogood Wm. 58 Above bar V [...]
Full text:[...] Academies. See Schools. Aerated Bread Merchant. Riokett Thos. Westridge road, Portswood Aerated and Soda Water Manufacturers. See Mineral Waters. Agents (Agricultural Implement). Hart Wm. Walter, 1 H [...]
Full text:[...] 433 CHR SOUTHAMPTON- AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Christopher Arth. J. 17 Kennedy rd. Maybush • , Christopher Edwd. Chas. 8 Garton rd. Woolston Christopher Edwd. J. 6 Begonia rd. Bassett Christopher Edwd. J as. [...]
Full text:[...] 426 DAY SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Day Rt. 9 Albert rd Day Rt. 25 Winn rd Day Rt. H. 8 Emsworth rd. Shirley Day Sidney Harry, 13 Tremona rd. Shirley Day Wallace Edwd. 67 Sholing rd. Itchen Day Wlt [...]
Full text:[...] 422 CAL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Callaway Fredk. C. 21 English rd. Millbrook Callaway Fredk. C. 35 Merryoak rd.Bitterne ^Callaway Fredk. J. 143 Priory rd. St. Denys Callaway Fredk. P. R. 25 Orpe [...]
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