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Full text:[...] 690 .Will SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Ill I 1 B ;.v Wilkins Fredk. C. 9 Grove rd. Freemantle ' Wilkins Fredk. Poynter, 45 Newtown rd. Woolston Wilkins Geo. Hy. 41 Bellevue. st Wilkins Harold, 36 [...]
Full text:[...] 722 SOO southampton and neighbourhood I A** * I Wit " /1 ; Boot&ShobMas. Warehouses &D lrs. —con. Lenuards Ltd. 4 & 5 Bridge street & 137 & 138 St. Mary street, Southampton & 13 Market street, Eastl [...]
Full text:[...] ?r6 B 1¥ SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD is'1; ! ': - i'i" 1i .; # i/l Mi to Bakers—continued. Chapman William, 19 Church street, Shiiley Cheek ley Ernest, 59 Oak Bank road, Itehen Cox Edwin, 18 Palme [...]
Full text:[...] 7i o AGS southampton and neighbourhood 1 J Agents—C >lliery—continued. Rea R. & J. H. Docks, Canute road Stewart Peter & Co. Southwestern chambers, . Canute road Agents—Commission. Bance, Hunt & Co. [...]
Full text:[...] ^9 664 THE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Treasure Hy. 24 Harborough rd Tredger Leslie W. 23 Waterhouse la. Mill-brook Tredger Rt. Fras. 79 Bel-lemoor rd. Shirley Tredger Wm. Rose, 17 Wilton rd. Shirl [...]
Full text:[...] 684 woolston. neighbourhood of southampton—1920. Woolston Assembly Rooms, 2 Victoria road ; Mrs. ]\icol, proprietor Woolston Picture Theatre, 17 & 19 Portsmouth road Woolston Sailing Club, Victoria r [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PAY 633 patience Wm. 83 Oxford av Patience Wm. 31 The Drove, Maybush Pitman Maurice. 3 Barry rd. Bitterne Patmore Hy. W. 55 Romsey rd. Shirley Paton Stanley, Kindar, Mead cres: Swa [...]
Full text:[...] 660 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. Green Harry, shopkeeper and baker Gritt Thomas, chimney sweeper, Osborne road, Bumbridge Gulliver James W. clerk, Emelyn villa, Eling lane Haddem Henry, sergt. H. 0. police sta [...]
Full text:[...] VILLAGE DIRECTORY. 651 Letters arrive from Southampton through Redbridge. Nursling is the nearest money order office Population, 1881, 465. Private. Ball W. Henry, Laburnham cott. Brownhill Chamberla [...]
Full text:[...]  56o ITCHEN', ETC. NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTH AMPTON- -1920. I 8 f ITCHEN" COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY Barrett William, boot maker, 4 Mortimer rd Bartlett R. A. printer, 49 Oak Bank road Bartley Fredk. Jas. ha [...]
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