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Full text:[...] 1006 SNTG SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD FOR HEATING LIGHTING COOKING REFRIGERATION WATER SOFTENING Installations and Equipment Consult COOKS F. W. COOK & CO. (Southampton) LTD., Heating, Electrical, [...]
Full text:[...] 1000 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Water lane—continued. 55 Chalk Kenneth 57 Chalk Frank 59 Matthews Chas 61 Davis Thos. J 63 Parker Danl 65 Ashford Rt. E 67 Cooper Wm. J 69 Mansbridge Alfd [...]
Full text:[...] 994 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTOifST. Salisbury road—continued. 79 Sutton Geo. E 79a, Reynolds Benj. G 81 Chance George D., M.Ch.S. chiropodist (regd. medical aux.). Tel. Tot.ton 3127 81a, Seldon Hy 83 He [...]
Full text:[...] 988 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 1 m i E M: I Osborn road—continued. 21 Maton Wltr 23 Cull Regnld 25 Lewis Harold 25 Osman Wm 29 Bessant Edwd 31 Maton Albt 33 Blandford Geo 35 Hood Fred 37 Maton Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 981 HARWOOD CLOSE, Totton.' ' From 3 Montgomery avenue. (No thoroughfare.) North-east side. 1 Stacey Thos 2 Rogers Albt. E 3 Bailey Percy 4 Lucas Jn. A 5 Bonney Archbld 6 Pe [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. MUNDY FREDERICK WIU LIAM (decorator & sanitary engnr.), Crabwood rd. Wimpson, Millbrook. Tel. 7M18 Nichol'ls Wm, T. ^Southern) Ltd. Tennyson •rd. Portswood Park Oliver & Bushell, 32 [...]
Full text:[...] 974 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Calmore eoad—continued. Robinson Drayton W. nurseryman (Warea) GOULDEN HAROLD R. builder & contractor (Roseleigh). Tel. No. Totton 234S Williams Glyn (Clinton) Lowmaa Wl [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd. 425 Shirley rd. , 9 Leigh rd. Eastleigh & 90 Above Bar st French W. J. & Son, 40 Bedford pi %%%&%*Market st- Gange Wm & Sons, 62 & 63 East st.; 57 High [...]
Full text:[...] 948 WEST END DIRECTORY. ♦Houghton Joan (Mrs.), ladies' hairdrssr. Avilion, Thornhill Park rd HOUWSLOW ALEX. F. butcher, florist & greengrocer, 4 The Broadway, Thornhill Park rd. T N West End 67209 Hu [...]
Full text:[...] M4 WEST END DIRECTORY. Lassam Leslie- Holly ho. New trd ♦Lawrence Edwd. Harry, Combe Martin, Taunton drive ♦Laws Harold, Caryleas, Taunton drive Leach Geo.. Woodside. Chalk hill ♦Leamon Harold, Kimbe [...]
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