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Full text:[...]  Miscellaneous. HIGH-STREET CHAMBERS, near the Qmy. VaHcu, B1EGLE OPflCBB TO LET. ____ from £8 to 00.—Apply on the premlies. A LADY, well known as m.clever Teacher, REQUIRES ADDITIONAL PURIL3 Urn A Y [...]
Full text:[...] 63 MANCHESTER BRANCH. OFFICERS. Arthur Q. Henriques, Esq., Chairman. Julius F. Sallon, Esq., Treasurer. Paul Susman, Esq., Hon. Secretary. COMMITTEE. I. D. Belisha, Esq. Ph. Falk, Esq. I. A. Franklin [...]
Full text:[...] southampton street directory. 6l 35 Riggs Joseph, fishmonger 36 Bull Edward 37 Vincent Frederick 38 Brinsden Mrs 39 Painter Frederick 40 Hayes Benjamin is Golden grove....... Cumberland te [...]
Full text:[...] 66 Manchester Branch (continued)— Hildersheimer, S., Esq Ilumpus, I., Esq. Hyams, D., Esq. Hyman, L, Esq. Isaacs, Rev. Prof. Jacobson, A., Esq. Jacoby, E., Esq. Joel, I., Esq. . Josephi, H., Esq. Kauf [...]
Full text:[...] 68 £ s. d. Coronel, E., Esq., 83, High- street, Boro', S.E. .030 Crook, D., Esq., 8, Red-lion-court, Spitalfields, E......0 5 0 Dacunha, H., Esq., 22, Hart-street, "VV.C. . 0 10 6 D'Almeda, Emanuel, E [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF DONATIONS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS AT DINNER. 71 ZfdT Of 7)0^270^ AWf ARWZMZ 6'i%Ba'CJ2ZPT7CI^S; PROMISED AT TIIE PUBLIC DINNER ON MARCH 2nd, 1887. £ s. d. Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., President [...]
Full text:[...] J 67 Manchester Branch (continued)— Themans, S., Esq. . Voorsanger, E., Esq. 'Willing, S. A., Esq. (donation) . . . Wise, — Esq. . . Weiser, I-., Esq. Yockmonitz, A., Esq. Zagury, I., Esq. £. s. d. 5 [...]
Full text:[...] i 1 3 Scott James Henry 4 Porter John 5 Kurn Harry 6 Booth Charles 7 Tbornhil] George 8 Hexham Martin 9 Tyler Frederick Newlyn i o Lister James is Paget st........ xi Poole Wallace 12 [...]
Full text:[...] m ' I ^ A I /<) m gi < u ;■ ( I I 65 .ABU Argyle road—-continued. 20 Smith Mrs 22 Blaker Tom 24 Bottriell Charles 26 McClarie Alexander 28 Dixon Harold 30 Clark Thomas 32 Christie William 34 Lucas F [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. Fry Harold (Sarum) Dear Boland G. (The Rest) Paling Chas. Alfd. (Hazel-dene) Symes Wm. Jas. (Alberta) 2\Teal Geo. (Rosemary) Johns Grenville Cooper ("V erwood) Hulbert Regnld. (Rhei [...]
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