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Full text:[...] MONSIEUR I MADAME LEGLERC, . -t -I)e Paris, et de Blois, ®JF 'K'ISII TERMS: £ s. d. Per Quarter, (ten weeks) Twicea-week .... 3 3 0 -;———-—L_- Three times a-week 4 4 0 --:---— Single Lesson ....'0 3 [...]
Full text:[...] FORBES & KNIBB, MUSIC SELLERS, 143, HIGH STREET, New Music procured from London almost daily. ACADEMY, lie 5SAITOY5I11."! CONDUCTED BY MR. W. SIMS, (Of the College Royal de Louis-le-Grand, Paris). Y [...]
Full text:[...]  1, Carlton Place, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, Sm^Mxtvekec/ jfy tAe c/ilect S^u-6/febiJy mic/ iSftmcfooti 4/ie COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL ON EDUCATION TO GIVE Jiccozbiuty to tf\6 JllLetftoc) TVtffieni and JCuffaft [...]
Full text:[...]  SOTJTIE3I-A-IMIIPTOIIsr3 (Opposite the Royal Pier), Overlooking the New Forest and Southampton Water, South-West aspect. $ooms, Goffce Reasonable terms made with Visitors to board by the week. W. CO [...]
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