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Full text:[...] r THE TENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE 1880-81 SUA] MARY OF TEE YEAR'S WORE. Ten years have elapsed since the Anglo-Jewisli Association was called into existence to support and •supplement the great work [...]
Full text:[...] 57 advantages of the projected pate at a future period in tlie institution...... " It would be advisable to extend a useful supervision to the schools in smaller towns in Turkey, which, being less enc [...]
Full text:[...] THE FIFTH ANNUAL BEPORT, 1875-76. The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in presenting their Fifth Annual Report, have to refer to a large number of interesting matters which have occupied thei [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 93 MOROCCO. Mogadob. £ s. d. Elmaleh, the Chevalier Joseph 0 10 6 NEW SWINDON. Bertish, M., Esq., 27, Fleet- street .....0 5 0 Hollering, J., Esq., 28, Bridge-street .....0 10 0 OBAN [...]
Full text:[...] i6 suited on all matters appertaining to the regulation and management of the institution. The Council cannot close this portion of its report without expressing its cordial acknowledgement to the Edu [...]
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