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Full text:[...] 13 I y.—ADEN AND YEMEN. Soon after the last annual meeting, a letter * was received from the Rabbins of Aden, supplementing the information given to Mr. Alfred Falk during his visit to the Jewish Q [...]
Full text:[...] Consul-General at Tunis, in conjunction with his colleague, the Representative of the French Government. The particulars are as follows : On the 21st October a Jew named Ishua Taib, living at Tastour, [...]
Full text:[...] 26 ninth annual report. Roumanian Legislature for the removal of religious disabilities as stipulated in Article 44 of the Treaty of Berlin. I am to inform you in reply that your observations shall be [...]
Full text:[...] DEATH OF PRESIDENT GARFIELD. 11 II.—THE DEATH OF PRESIDENT GARFIELD. On the 22nd of September tlie Secretary was directed to despatch the following telegram to Presi-A A dent Arthur, at Washington :—• [...]
Full text:[...] 50 eleventh annual report. Smyrna.—According to last reports, the Smyrna School was attended by 200 boys and . 1-10 girls. English instruction was being given to a small number of boys. Ali Pasha, the [...]
Full text:[...] schools in the east. 37 M. Pariente, the Head Master, lias sent a highly interesting Report on the educational work entrusted to his direction, which Report will be found in the Appendix. Sofia.— (560 [...]
Full text:[...] 6 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. departed friends, who rendered efficient services to the Association. The Council have to lament the loss of Mr. Edward Janverin Emanuel, LL.B., who was one of their most u [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 15 cester. and North Shields, where he formed new Branches. Many new members were inscribed in these towns. A cordial expression of thanks was voted to the Secretary for the successful perfo [...]
Full text:[...] datlbam §>Xxttit If mbm W.C.2 Temple Bar 3475 (12 Hnw) 1 Temple Bar 8904 Telegrams : Lepard Westcenc, London EST. 1757 ssrs. 4*.D. Co#0= Son 26th October |9 55 Sold to 5 .;es\Street / y" Southampton [...]
Full text:[...] TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESSES: ]|PAPAVEROUS, cent, london'.' ''Envelope, Hyde'.1 X "WALDORF; GLASGOW." U4.8.C. Code 4% Ed/&'ony CABLEs/'PAPAVEROus, london TELEPHONE Nos. London, 6142 City (two lines) Hyde,12 [...]
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