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Full text:[...] ICth Month, 1 MM. J OCTOBER—31 days. JACK IX OFFICE . IB A GREAT MAX. THE MOON'S CHANGES. Firs* Qwirfer ...... 8rd,.... 81 min. past 5 morning. Full Moon ........,---- 42 min. past 4 afternoon [...]
Full text:[...] STAMPS, TAXES, LICENCES, EXCISE DUTIES, &o. BILL STAMPS. 4 s.d. Not exceeding........ 5 .. o l "40"\ fio.. 02 _70V Lioo.. io And every addl tl onal 4100, or fraction of 4100—is. DATS op GnAOE.—Bills [...]
Full text:[...]  SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. September 25, 1912. Laurie Scotch Whisky -CD CZ=1 c=x)c=] CZZ3 CD AGENTS- SCRASE, SOUTHAMPTON. Telegrams :—" SCRASE," SOUTHAMPTON. Telephone No. 241. V. W. SIMS & [...]
MS137/AJ37/1/4 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
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