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Full text:[...] mate's handbook to southampton. Sport in and about Southampton. There is a large football ground at the end of Archers Road, and first-rate golf links upon the breezy Common, also at Shawford, some n [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. April 24, 191Z. Seotland beats With *H the greet -wonderi brought about by Mr. Morri*on'« Re medio*, mono ere, perhaps, of g «»h & miraculous nature a* s that whic [...]
Full text:[...] **a*pmpp m IMPERIAL FAIUJAMENT. occupied certain 's to the Capital, at they wero ards Oftilipoli- Lord Granville, having nformmtion withregsrdtotheaigningof sn nd terms of pence, b*d Derby replied t [...]
Full text:[...] MATE'S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. the villages. The return journey should be made past Vespasian's Camp and pleasant Amesbury. Messrs. T. Cook & Sons have a weekly circular tour from London, visiting t [...]
Full text:[...] TH3 SOUTHAMPTON- OBSERVER-AND WIKqEjg$TBJR «BW8-8ATPBiPAT^ > "CTBBUABt 10.111*78. 3 BOL'THAMPTON police. SATURDAT. B"°",b" / T' T"k"' Bmmiow Guam* or OBtAiKiiio Goods o«dc» Vtui Pnrrmcts -Al [...]
Full text:[...] 46 APPENDIX C. ' REPORT ON THE JAFFA AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL, Dear Sir, Mr. Netter, by his last letter, requests me to give you some account of what I saw at Mikveh Israel, and of what I think of its pros [...]
Full text:[...] 58 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. But a large amount of work remains to be done. Schools are wanted at Sfax, Djerba, Gabes, Eabel, Bedja, Bizerta, and Kef. Girls' Schools are likewise indispensable at Susa, S [...]
Full text:[...] 52 * ;i southampton official ''tjll^%y—1920, V1 I '!,ir ji ■a Steam Towing Department. Offices, Canute road, Southampton. Telegraphic address, " Tugs, Southampton ;" towing supt. R. M. Etheridge Hyt [...]
Full text:[...] May i, i9i2. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. *S r - •-!- ••■!«•»* i« white piping* on coloiiretl linens will bo equally favoured. The striped zephyrs and ginghams are dfeciivelv made with band* o [...]
Full text:[...] 57 APPENDIX E. WATER SUPPLY OF JERUSALEM. Extract from minutes of Council-Meeting held on the $th December, 1872 :— " Mr. Lumley having laid on the table an appeal and report in reference to the wat [...]
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