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Full text:[...] 151 Hours for Closing the Letter Box at the Post Office, Hanover Buildings. The hours for closing the letter box at the Post Office, Hanover Buildings, for the purpose of despatching mails, are as fo [...]
Full text:[...] 16 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. III.—AGENCIES AND COMMITTEES OF MEMBERS. Year number when agency and committees. contribution. formed. members. £ s. d. 1880 Bedford ...") ( 7 1 15 0 1872 Cape Town > A [...]
Full text:[...]  W. E. GUILLAUME, fl HEACB&NT. Botley, Oct. 13, 1846. HOT FILTERED WATER BATHING IN THE TOWN, AT THE fc@NI© S©MTHIft«MPT@Ni5 THE OLD-ESTABLISHED WASH, eOSB, MB SHQWSB Mm, avib (Jcutfeweu'd TPnvate TP [...]
Full text:[...] G. VALENTINE, (S8„ KICH'STfRBBT, • FASHIONABLE boot and shoe manufacturer, AND ®1F (Fl&GM©lrO 0(rO©(E0g «'sr M of 0»ds Www « W of bb 0.» combined with the most moderate prices, confidently relies on [...]
Full text:[...] 86 Advertisements. T. M. FORMOINI, 3Brofeer, iHercantfle arbitrator* &r, RECEIVER OF HARBOUR DUES' OFFICE, In front of the Cwtom-house, @ m& mse se ear HOT FILTERED WATER BATHING IN THE TOWN, AT THE [...]
Full text:[...] I • civil, hni mi%.,, aes, HHTTERS RNTi HOSrt^v^, 10 and 19, BRIDGE STREL,, Southampton, Tailoring Department at No. 10, Bridge Street. Hat and Hosiery Department ar No. 19, Bridge Stratc (exactly o [...]
Full text:[...] Beautiful Bournemouth. (9 An All-the-year-round HEALTH RESORT. ' The great charm of the place is its combination of sea-scape, moorland, woodland, hill and dale."—Daily Telegraph. Miles of : : Bree [...]
Full text:[...] LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. IS POST OF SOUTHAMPTON-PILOTAGE. Uli Coastguard Station, Foundry Lane, Millbrook—James 169*, High Street. Goods Depot, St. Lawrence Eoad. 2, St. Lawrence Road. Superintendent, 0. [...]
Full text:[...]  ADVERTISEMENTS. PORTSWOOD ROAD, BEVOIS HILL, SOUTHAMPTON. Wholesale & Retail Building Material Merchants. Sole loeal Frucls ft Co.'s Celebrated Losdon, P»rt- ■toi, Glazed Drain Kpes/CMmney tTops, (r [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 97 Clyde Shipping Company, Ltd. Southampton Office—Town Quay. Agent— Mr. T. M. Fenwiek. The Company's Steamers sail from Southaamplon every Wednesday fur Glasgow di [...]
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