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Full text:[...] A WALK BOUND THE OLD WALLS OF SOUTHAMPTON. 119 four machicolations in the battlements over the centre arch, two to the east of the eastern, and one only to the west of the western buttress. The reaso [...]
Full text:[...] jpar p&Bj%&aaz).. ig., ay pasr ig. w.; THE NEW FOREST HANDBOOK, WITH A MAP, .ITINERARY, AND COPIOUS INDEX. By Bro. C. J. Phillips, of the Hampshire Independent. Sold by all Local Booksellers, This wo [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list op stbeets. 29 12 Tucker, William 11 Alexander, Wm. 10 Pittard, Miss 9 Hammond, George 8 Annett, William 7 Russell, Isaac 7 Russell, John 6 Burridge, John 5 Davis, George 4 Pollard, [...]
Full text:[...] LIFE I FIRE ASSURANCE INSTITUTION, 5, LOTHBUKY, LONDON. " ESTABLI S^S^EMD IN 18 4 0. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, 4 & 5 Vic.. Cap. xcn I SUBSCEIBED CAPITAL, ONE MILLION. [A List of the Pro [...]
Full text:[...] ELECTRICITY AND GALVANISM, AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT, ' In the cure of disease, when employed with experience and judgment, is by no means second to the systems either of Allopathy, Hydropathy, or Homoe [...]
Full text:[...] [ 2 ] fairly efficient education at a moderate cost, the private-adventure schools for the education of girls of a corresponding social position, conducted in many cases as a mere commercial speculat [...]
Full text:[...] are their executive—in point of fact, the men they have choaen to conduct their business, and are so far the exponents of their views and wishes as to how such business shall be most beneficially and [...]
Full text:[...] 774 MET SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIQHBOTTRHOOE> METAL WORKERS. Mills Brothers, 49 New road Simper & Co. Lansdowne hill MIDWIVES. Barker Mrs. L. A. (certified), 156 Chamber- layne road, Eastleigh Buckett Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...]  SOUTHAMPTON TIMES AND HAMPSHIRE EXPRESS—COUNTY PAPE MAY^, 1578. A\: 'IH ( < -l:i: . I.. XI X r SAI.I 11, : \\'\XTI II. ■> e;ii«.l« y ACIIINIvrfor 1100T 4 LKXANDRA OOLLKOE. SI / ' l|.T!:::V I't IMItT [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 27 5 Lomer & Co. corn stores here is French street. Haddox Alfred, Gobourg Inn here is Porter's Lane. Pier and Harbour Board Office; A. H. Skelton, clerk. Jeffery & Lewi [...]
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