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Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. CafenMv for 1898. =1.1= 107 s Jan. Feb. 9 M BJ W F S * M 'Jb w lb F S 9 M Tb.W Jb F S 1 Mar. 1 2 3 4 5 May 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [...]
Full text:[...] 200 JOHN..,ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 1869—Sandown, Masonic Hall, Sandown, i.W. ; 3rd Thur. ex., July, Aug., and Sep. Installation W.M., Feb.—5880. 1883—William of (Wykeham, Masonic Hall, Winchest [...]
Full text:[...] m HACKNEY COACH ABD CAB KEOCliATIOIfB. Computation of Distances.—That the distances shall be computed the stand or place whence the carriage shall be engaged or hired ; bu% ia case the carriage shall [...]
Full text:[...] MAX^#D^*^#p##OfmOERS. , „,,OBSERVATION 8 ^ , v l ' V/vj -I • j. t. ) ; , on rl/v THE CURE OF ULCERS OF THE LEG AND •: v .1 ' ' OTHER PARTS, . BY A NEW , METHOD: QE TREATMENT, illustrated [...]
Full text:[...] THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 85 evince in this town, that I have even heard of late a suggestion to change the name of that part of the borough which has associations with the earliest g [...]
Full text:[...] THE STREETS AND BO ADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 87 on the convex side of the river bend, and the alluvial marsh on the concave side at Bittern, the fortified site of Clausentum. Among the medieval street [...]
Full text:[...] 88 THE STREETS AND ROADS OF OLD SOUTHAMPTON. Simnel Street was the locality of the old bakers of fine bread. In the north of England bread known as Simnel cake is still made. The old Woolhouse, at th [...]
Full text:[...] THE STBEETS AND BO ADS OP OLD SOUTHAMPTON. 97 of Southampton and its neighbourhood with her American biographer, Oscar Fay Adams, a friend of the Longfellow family, in order to identify the streets a [...]
Full text:[...] ARCHITECTURE IN SOUTHAMPTON. 101 building to the west of where it stood, and on the eastern side it was defended by a strong- tower where the Sun Hotel now stands. In Porter's Lane may be seen part o [...]
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