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Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECHES DELIVERED AT THE DINNER. 51 and of him I may say that there is no man who ever left the House of Commons who left behind him so many friends and so few enemies. (Applause.) Sir Jo [...]
Full text:[...] branches. 83 0 0 0 0 CALCUTTA'—cont. Us. as. p. Colien, R. E„ Esq.. Bhraich .300 Cohen, Simeon S., Esq. . Cohen, S. S. M. D., Esq. Cohen, R. M.. Esq, Cohen, Rev. E. M. D. Cohen, S. H. D., Eaq. Cohen, [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IN VILLAGES. 15 Light, Rd., Railway gate, Totton Longland, J., surveyor of roads, Eling Longland, Thos., yeoman, Church-pl. Lovell, George, smith, Cadnam Lowe, Thomas, tailor, Hounsdown Low [...]
Full text:[...] W-:' !!•; ill 'Sfei ll it l®Q8i\[L ELECTRICITY AND GALVANISM, AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT, In the cure of disease, when employed with experience and judgment, is by no means second to the systems either [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. the Railway Commissioners, and confirmed on appeal, to the Didcot Line, so that a considerably larger quantity of goods have been sent by that route both from Londo [...]
Full text:[...] •JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 49 Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post. For weight, and Rates of Postage, see Post Office Guide. Dimensions.—The dimensions allowed are :—For Egypt—Greatest length, 3 [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 51 Latest Times of Posting for the following Foreign Mails. Place to which Mails are sent. Mailta, via Syracuse, every Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, and Satur [...]
Full text:[...] 98 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. J WW) laONlDON, E.e. President—Rt. Hon. Sir C. W. Dilke, M P COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT, Chairman—Capt. W. C. Crutchley, R.N.R. ST. Capt, Thos. Mackenzie I. Merchan [...]
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