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Full text:[...] The camp at North Stoneham Today the site is the north of Chestnut Avenue, in Chandler's Ford, to the north-east of the ASDA hypermarket. Aerial view of the camp at North Stoneham, May-July 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] ......................................' 4 A " f Vi _. '., , •'k® L "■ »; C!VX:. w# ;• m%a # g^r.-rsr, ' *■' | H '"-^ r I 0 ■? -■ • ^ L>'. & .!$§• ^ f;" ' '' * * fcfJ--..■£-• I'' 7>v« W#"' W' :~m ■ [...]
Full text:[...] 4 SOUTHAMPTON : importance of the Courts at Portsmouth induced their secession and the formation in 1852 of the Portsmouth District. The Directory of the Order for 1853, issued by the 19th E.G., Sout [...]
Full text:[...] iv preface. foreign letters may be expected at Southampton. It also contains an alphabetical arrangement of the single, rate of letter postage for every place of importance in the worlcl, together wi [...]
Full text:[...] [ 2 ] The object of the College is to provide for the daughters of gentlemen an efficient and graduated course of study, which, whilst it affords them the mental culture essential to the character of [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. Telegraphic Address-"BATES, SOUTHAMPTON." ARTIFICIAL LIMBS. Bates's New and Improved Trusses 0F various descriptions, to suit ail classes ; the Celluloid, India Rub [...]
Full text:[...] ; O :'V' *S" ' i| V % 0-*) REFERENCE ONLY This book may not be taken out of the Library — i '.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.; % $ fi I S STJ. IW •A!A.Vs'A'a'X'>'A'^A'A'X^'A'>^ IfcPW REFERENCE ONL [...]
Full text:[...] i . PREFACE. i y The labour and expense necessary for the completion of the Post Office Directory for the year 1853 may be judged of from a comparison of the present edition with the one issued in th [...]
Full text:[...] iii the great vortex of excitement. How necessary, then, that the sacred-ness of the Sabbath should be observed, and kept free for quiet thought and repose, and attendance upon those means of grace w [...]
Full text:[...] •M- 'k mwm T11IT S0UT1L1MP COS aft&hV&t:'AND.. tmiTIO&L sfatb 0* AfFAIRS at tub OaP«.—To deputation «>f gentlemen Interested in tlio commerce of tli« Cape of Ooovl Hopo, .the Earl of Carnarvon on We [...]
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