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Full text:[...] % : 32 Wiltshire Mrs 34 Kinchington Herbt. Geo 36 Cameron Rt. Martin 38 Cooper Thos. Edwin 40 Cawte Arth. Frank 42 Shilley Albt. Jn 44 Kinchington Geo 46 Mandley Elwyn 48 Street Jas. Wltr 50 Poole Ja [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 907 62 Hann Jas. & Son Ltd. (Dorset Dairies), dairymen. Telephone, East-leigh 87136 64 Rogers A. H. & Sons Ltd. funeral directors. Tel. Eastleigh 87435 64a, Rogers A. H. & Sons L [...]
Full text:[...] HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY ifi feet 6-inches, with a fine hooded fire-place nf Early English date; on the south side:is the Early English door of the. refectory, irith remains of the lavatory; [...]
Full text:[...] ' i lr 906 HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. j r rir r b If Hi ♦Boggust Clifford, 29 Sea View estate (Bolt Victor. Ernest, Greymist, Botley rd (Boncey Frank, Mizpah, Botley rd ♦Bone Chas. 20 Sea View [...]
Full text:[...] 912 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Passfield avenue—continued 237 Hayes Hubert Geo 239 Knott Jas 241 Hodges Lorenzo Rt 247 Poulton Hy 249 Broom Jas West side. Eastman Hy. R. G. (Home- leigh) Fleming Park PITMO [...]
Full text:[...] 910 t! Bfifi I I « & F I t »■; if,, J-H •! HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY, "Orman Frank R. Ltd. (Fraiik R. Oirman F.I.M. Industry) motor panel & wing makers, motor engnirs. & agents, cycle
Full text:[...] if hi b b 912 MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. It W-ff- b : ft I SS I Farenden Arth. S'hapwick, Parkside av F ergueon Miss, 36 Maybuah rd. Wimp son Fisher Fredk. H., Quantock, Brookwood rd Fisher Harold Cecil, [...]
Full text:[...] MILLBJEtOOK DIRECTORY. •Miller Jn.'Chas., Rose Marie, Muhro "eres Minns Harry, Cotre ho. Munro cres Montague Wltr. WingfieM, Crabwood rd. Wimpson Moody Norman G. Glendal-ough, Wimpson ila Morey Jsph. [...]
Full text:[...] MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. 915 THORN W. F. & SON LTD. structural engineers '(fire escapes, steel stairs, architectural & builders' ironwork) Tanner's brook, Millbrook tcL Tel. 73106 THORNLEY, BROWN & SONS, [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 921 THE EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY PRIVATE RESIDENTS EXPLANATION. It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person, but does not know exactly [...]
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