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Full text:[...] ESTABLISHED 1785. w. K. WEARING, DISPENSING & PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 112, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, Respectfully invites public attention to the following preparations* and also begs to announce, th [...]
Full text:[...] n. 233 PEA PEAR TREE ROAD, Itched. From Highlands road to Sholing road. South Bide. ......... here is Ailsa la ......... 1 Stampa Jsph. AJbt 2 Doncom Percy _ ,, ,r 4 Webber Mrs. S*E.N.,S.C.iI. munici [...]
Full text:[...] MB SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS—SATORD\Y. SKPT. 7. 1S7S o5 Tb«™).T, Sin* Tim.t, dun. asrsssvisrSasr **()* ^Thntaday, Roj»l Mail ahama »w quoUd at n«. Tbmraday. P p- were .qud [...]
Full text:[...] August 7, 191;. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. BRITON v. BOER. THRILLING PAGES IN SOUTHAMPTON'S STIRRING STOKY. LBy W. A. GLEAVE.] The Return of " Bobs."—A Freeman of Southampton.—Visit to the Q [...]
Full text:[...] 1 YORKSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. «s Established 1824. 3?or Insurance against Fire, and on Lives and Survivorships, Endowments for Children, akd foe. the PURCHASE AM) SALE OE REVERSIONS A [...]
Full text:[...] , hand-in-hand insurance society (continued)* That the profits are divided annually amongst all Members of five years' standing, and applied towards reducing Life Insurance to the lowest possible rat [...]
Full text:[...] VQRt&StOKRi FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1824. For Insurance against Fire, and on Lives and Survivorships, Endowments for Children, and fob thb PURCHASE AND SALE OF REVERSIONS AND ANN [...]
Full text:[...] PEACOCRS "ANTI-SARGASSIAN CONSERVATIVE PAINT" For the Bottoms of Iron, Wood, or Coppered Vessels, Yachts, Barges, Boats, Buoys, Beacons, Piles, &c.; also for preserving Railway Sleepers, Telegraph Po [...]
Full text:[...] IV k; PROVIDENT CLERKS' MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION AND BENEVOLENT FUND, Tor Mutual life Assurance, Provision In Old Aget*. at Death, and an Endowment for Children, #. &awm, MM mm. The Benefit Departm [...]
Full text:[...] 138 ADVERTISEMENTS. HYGEIAN DISPENSARY, No. 1, Trafalgar Place, Wsst Front, Victoria Road, conducted by THE REV. J. L. MILTON AND MRS. MILTON, ^ggrian practitioners. Hygeian Medicines are sold at th [...]
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