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Full text:[...] 18 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. COUNTY OF HANTS LAND & BUILDING SOCIETY LIMITED. Formerly known as the " Cotmty of Hants Freehold Land Society." Under the "INDUSTRIAL AND PROVIDENT SOCIETIES' A [...]
Full text:[...] 32 BOROUGH DOCUMENTS. The largest number of entries are quit claims, and conveyances of land so numerous that it would hardly be a difficult matter to compile a directory of the town, say in the time [...]
Full text:[...] INTRODUCTION. Southampton, healthily situated as it is, at the head of the Southampton Water on a tongue of land between the rivers Itchen and Test, combines in one all that can be required either by [...]
Full text:[...]  MATE'S HANDBOOK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Fountain Court, from a fountain which was formerly placed' there. To the north is the wall of the south aisle of the church ; to the east is the south transept an [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON STKKMT DltlOTOQY. 35 Albert road, Albert street to Royal crescent. 2 Royal Albert p.h. George Harris 4 Etheridge Geo. beer retailr 6 Ward Henry 8 Warner William jo Williams John 24 Sait J [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 25 Primary Schools. Aldermoor (junior mixed), Rownhams road; H. E. Rogers, head mastei Aldermoor (infants), Rownhams road; Miss M. H. Bright, headmistress Ascupart (junior mi [...]
Full text:[...] ' April 24, 19x2. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. RPR •!' G: : e :c e ^ ^ v Outdoor Recusations._____ *©*©-:-©-:-©->©-.-i__ tvCvCvCvCvCvClvt-:Cvfc<'CvC-:^CvtvCvOvC /Gossip from H|«V \ Playing fi [...]
Full text:[...] 36 the opportunity to do justice to, and to express my entire approval of the conduct of the worthy minister of state of the Spanish nation, whose noble feelings he faithfully interpreted, by demandin [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX 13.—REPORT ON JEWISH SCHOOLS IN PALESTINE.4:1 APPENDIX B. REPORT ON JEWISH SCHOOLS IN PALESTINE. By Captain Albert E. W. Goldsmid, Brigade Major, Belfast. With reference to the request made t [...]
Full text:[...] morocco. 41 at Demnat, and two other Elders, named Yakub Kados anci Reuben El-Maleh, called to thank me for having requested the Sultan to send Cid Bubeker again to Demnat, as they informed me they h [...]
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