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Full text:[...] 58 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. greatest and absolute necessity, and to be avoided whenever possible. The greatest sufferers up to now are the wort-producing part of the population, and there is no good [...]
Full text:[...] 58 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Liiwy, Ernest D., Esq., Ill, Priory-road, N.W. . .11 Lublin, Mrs., 1, Stanhope- ter, Gloucester- gate, jST.W. 0 6 Lucas, Mrs. Henry, 46, Gloucester-sq [...]
Full text:[...] 54 19. The Association shall, as far as may be deemed desirable, act in unison with the Alliance Israelite Universelle, or with any other body having similar objects; but shall also have power to act [...]
Full text:[...] May i, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. *»*v v V v %J v U v U v «❖©❖©❖©•:•©❖c *e*e*e*e*e* ❖©❖«•>©❖©.>©❖_ Outdoor Recreations. ___ ,%%%#*# FOOTBALL. The Saints finished up fourth from the [...]
Full text:[...] 54 Your Majesty, in passing through the leading States of Europe, will not have failed to discover that the Jews, who formerly were subjected to exceptional laws, similar to those under which their Pe [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECH BY BARON IT. DE WORMS, M.P. 57 X . k~ the sufferings of fugitive slaves—to deal with horrors such as have rarely disgraced any country since the Middle Ages. It has to deal with ou [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B. — MR. S. ASH'S PROPOSALS, ETC. 59 that legislation of most relentless character will follow, unless the new Treaty is favourable to foreign and to the Roumanian Jews. It will be known t [...]
Full text:[...] 55 APPENDIX B. LAWS RELATING TO THE BRANCHES. the an 1. The Council shall have the power to admit under general title, " Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association,' organised body of not less than ten su [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 45 14 Hart, Miss . 15 Philp, John F. 17 Ansty, Thomas lo fcJouth, Charles spring place, Bevois Valley. Lacey, Mrs. Windsor, George Feloyde, A. 1 Croucher, George 2 Meati [...]
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