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Full text:[...] If 226 SOUTHAMPTON STREET DIRECTORY. 24 Dicketts John, general shop 25 Sibley Miss, dressmaker 27 Yardy John, seaman 28 Lyons Mrs. apartments 29 Cole Wm. apartments 30 Dawson Mrs. 31 Shandley Miss, m [...]
Full text:[...] C4 CEMETERY REGULATIONS. £ «. d. 0 JO 6 10 10 0 Planting grave with flowers, per annum ' . i Turfing grave in perpetuity with flowers Maintaining tombs, monuments, vaults, stones, and re-painting ins [...]
Full text:[...] 50 CHARITABLE INSTITUTION DIRECTORY. SOUTHAMPTON BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, For Visiting and Relieving the Distressed Sick Poor. Established, May, 1825. The object and design of this Society are comprehende [...]
Full text:[...] m: 186 MAE Marlborough road—continued. 16 Campbell Bt. C 18 Lucas Mrs 20 Keylock Philip Tom 22 Gathergood Harry 24 Gray Hy. Geo 23 Hislop Jn. Begnld 28 May Geo. chimney sweep 28a, Jackson Lloyd 30 D [...]
Full text:[...] m IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. In the Hon* of Lord* on Friday,'Lord Granville 3itfJ the Foreign Secretary to what extent alarery .listed ia the Idand of Cyprus, and whit arrange, mala her Majesty's Governme [...]
Full text:[...] CHARITABLE INSTITUTION DIRECTORY. COUNTY OF HANTS FEMALE PENITENTIARY. North-front, Kingsland-place. Patroness—Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent. Patron—The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winches [...]
Full text:[...]  SPITOME OF NEWS. Bonr - Nivxl fkmom, Ni» Oaoee.— I'lIK SOUTHAMPTON UB3KKVKK AND WINCHESTKB NEWS-SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1878. Lou> Rixdlmha*, M.P.—Lord Bandleabam, M.P. if East Suffolk, has, in accordant [...]
Full text:[...] 192 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. Hampshire Record Society. For Printing and Publishing MSS. Records concerning the County of Southampton. President—The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Winchester. [...]
Full text:[...]  .« YiTUT. .YAaH'JT^R-SV/jl.y mVXW.WlVH U/A H?1 Yn?!3/!0 lTOHMAIITin. ;.|I1T 'klJBi BOCTHAWrONr OBgHtlVim AND WtSCIIKSTKK NtlW8-SATURt)ATf JDIA 27. 1S78. IllMellaneoas. -frrA NTKD.—hERVANtS yr..I'trj [...]
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