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Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—SPEECHES DELIVERED AT THE DINNER. 55 condemned to lifteen years' hard labour ! They .were, I believe, Jews. A Jewish journalist, editor of the Odessa Leaflet, was accused of having purch [...]
Full text:[...] 101 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. EDINBURGH—CO%f. f s. d. Castenberg, P., Esq., 7, Caledonian-place. . . . 0 5 0 Dresner, P., Esg., 82, 8and- port-street, Leith . . .0106 Dresner, Mrs. P., ditto . .050 Ei [...]
Full text:[...] 34 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. APPENDIX B. SPEECH OF SIR JULIAN GOLDSMID, BART., M.P., PRESIDENT, AT THE PUBLIC DINNER ON MARCH gXD, 1887. Gentlemen,—I have now to ask your attention for a few moments wh [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 87 EDINBURGH BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. M. Wasserzug, Esq., President. R. Hyman, Sen., Esq., Treasurer. E. GOLDSTOST, Esq., Hon. Secretary, 29, Buccleucli Place. COMMITTEE. R. EPRILE, Esq. I [...]
Full text:[...] 15 colonial produce or manufactures; and it confines, moreover, this truly liberal concession only to the Israelites, who are already established, to the exclusion of their own parents or children, wh [...]
Full text:[...] a 51 I y-. w alphabetical list op names. Ixxxi Russell, Miss Charlotte, 10, Orchard-place Russell, Edward, bricklayer, 87, James-street Carlton-crescent Russell, Henry, carpenter, 2, York-street, No [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 181 Hospital Sunday. Offices—10, Bernard Street, Southampton. Chairman of the General Committee—The Worshipful the Mayor. Chairman of the Executive Committee—W. Bon [...]
Full text:[...] 230 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. NOTES OF THE MONTH. 1897. JANUARY 1.—Holiday on Stock Exchange.—Bank holiday in Scotland.— Dog and other licenses renewable. 5.—Dividends are due on Consuls. 9. [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list of names. xlffi Grant, Geo. watch and clockmaker, 46, Lower East street Grant, Henry, beer retailer, 40, St* Mary's-street Grant, Jas. gentleman, Bullar-street, Newtown Grant, John, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST Of NAMES. Sutton, George, H. cutler, 22, Bridge-street (see adv. p. 1J8) . Sutton, Henry, carrier and coal merchant, Bursledon Sutton, James, upholsterer, 5, Beckford-terrace Sutton [...]
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