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Full text:[...] & 186 ZiON London roai*—continued. 34 Eastmans Ltd. dyers cleaners 34 Francis Jn. watchmaker 34a, Maison Newberry Ltd. 1 a d i e s' hairdressers. Phone, Southampton 22540 36a, Cryselco Ltd. electric [...]
Full text:[...]  r iti *y nt -Sf !r li*, : %' 204 NEIi NELSON HILL. From 162 Commercial road to Southbrook road. NELSON ROAD, Freemantle. From 44 Fir Grove road to 83 Foundry lane. North side. 1 Flux Thos 3 Blow Ber [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY WOE. 211 123 Cruse Albt 125 Jelly Harry 125 Blachford Frank 127 Reynolds Chas 129 Burgess Jn. J as. C 131 Offer A'rfch 131 Man sell Geo St. Augustine's Church ...... here is Parsonag [...]
Full text:[...] U Husselwhite Edmnd. Geo 55 Russell Mrs. D. E gTiley Hy. Geo m Bailey Bernard ¥m ;.i Barker Joshua M 14 Carter Mrs. M. O 15 Cox Owen is Silsbury Leonard Jn a Fitters Thos. Fredk 2 Mcholls Frank Percy [...]
Full text:[...] 5 : I 9 iUOHVL LIMITED, manufacturing chemist*. Telegrams, " Eucryl, Southampton; " Tele-hone 71*5 & 72729 5, 7 & 9 United D. A P. Service, commercial nhoto finishers 5 7 & 9 Luce's Eau-de- Cologne C [...]
Full text:[...]  STREET DIRECTORY. ONI 219 OLIVE ROAD, , Maybush. tTrom 105 Coxford road to 12 Aldermoor road, Maybush. East side. »Blake Hy. Norman 4 Williams Rt is Vine rd........... 26 Lawler Wm [...]
Full text:[...] 220 NEW SOUTHAMPTON New road—continued. MAISON LOUISE, ladies' hairdressers. Tel. 23714 53 Kidgell P. B. wardrobe dlr 55 BARLOW-SIMPSON MUSS D. auctioneer, estate agent, valuer & surveyor. T N 26714 [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. July jr, 1912. TWIG BY TWIG THAT'S HOW BIRDS BUILD THEIR HOMES. THEY can't help it, you see. They have no credit furnishing system in Bird-land. Nests are built tw [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. NOB, 227 oo Precise Model Kraft (C. F. Townsend), model mkrs 40 Noble Mrs 42 Spacagna Orlando, boot 44 Baker Albt. Geo 46 Peachey Leslie 45 Hawker Wm. Alfd % Williams Rd. newsagt 52 [...]
Full text:[...] 232 OAK SOUTHAMPTON Oakley road—continued. Ashbolt Gordon (Wavecut) Lee Ernest Win. (Windyridge) Coggin Geoffrey Archbld. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. physcn & surgn. (surgery) (Broadview) Leask Norman Hogarth [...]
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