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Full text:[...] SALONICA. 17 The actual condition of the Jewish population is very much improved, and the spirit of toleration is so far extended that anti-Semitic movements are not only not supported but ridiculed. [...]
Full text:[...] vary near to Halonic*. and takes in a Urge portion of Macedonia. This Is the " Bulgaria" of the Constantinople Conference. Tni MaSOSb' Strikk.—This is not expected to last much longer. It is reported that the [...]
Full text:[...] r TWI annl 1(U180T1B. 187», fllblio Woil06B. ,..,, 1„ 7, —. .,.. _5® ! T7~ word from them ,«ill>tnnM T7IVEBY DESCRIPTION of Pli J j «r»ent«d -i»>t «cOBOrty iai -yT^f ObMTf- Offl«, SI, Budo» 8t*»w. B [...]
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