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Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. woolston. 683 here is also an Odd Fellows' Hall, in Bridge road. A new police station was erected in Portsmouth road in 190.1, and is a handsome edifice" of red bri [...]
Full text:[...]  neighbourhood of southampton"—-1920. south stoneham. 675 wheat, oats and barley. The soil is sandy ; subsoil,, gravel and clay. The area is 1,296 acres,' 26 of water, 4 of tidal water and 1 of fores [...]
Full text:[...] i 672 EOWNHAMS. neighbourhood of southampton"—1920. . .....BOWNHAMS. An ecclesiastical parish formed in 1856 from the parishes of Romsey Extra, Nursling and North Baddesley, and into a civil parish b [...]
Full text:[...] OP SOUTHAMPTON—1920. march wood. 665 Owen Saml. Richd. 118 Newtown rd.Newtwn Oxborrow Mrs. 55 Newtown road, Newtown Faskins Ernest, The Nest, Weston lane Pearce Albert Henry, 19 Newtown rd. Newtn Per [...]
Full text:[...] fiC I 662 i Indepi "D Mef ■ . , j . . , j , . rchbn-, etc. neighbourhod of southampton—1920. WESTON WITH NEWTOWN HailvnS an
Full text:[...] 650 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. Private- Atkins Jno. Chew Albert Edward, Scarboro' cottage Chew Wm. Scarborough cottage Coxwell The Misses, The Oaks Futcher Mrs. Sarah Lewer F. C. Ivy house Mee Joseph Mee Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] 646 village directory. the southern division of the ounty, South Stoneham Union, and jurisdiction, near the River Itchin. Here is a fine park, the property of the Fleming family, under the control of [...]
Full text:[...] Advertisements. 687 m H. SCAMMELL & SON, SHOEING SMITHS, Hot and Cold Water Fitters, And Agricultural Implement Agents, SWAN GREEN & G08P0RT LANE, 9 KITCHEN RANGES, STOVES, &c. SMITHS' WORK IN ALL I [...]
Full text:[...] 634 VILLAGE DIRECTORY. proprietor. Parcels, &c., booked and forwarded to all parts. Carriers—To Southampton : Ward, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; Stansbiidge, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturd [...]