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Full text:[...] 916 NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS DIRECTORY. 1' if] PosT, M. O. & T. Office, Romsey rd.— Walter William ■ Sack, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Southampton. Telegrams are also 'dispatched from the . r [...]
Full text:[...] NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS DIRECTORY. 917 t*Eden Percvl. Fredk. 5 IJpton ores j*Edwards Ronald E. 22 Upton cres j*Etheridge Jn., King's Oak, Romsey rd. j*Evans Stuart, 79 Upton cres jEverist Mrs.E. M. St. [...]
Full text:[...]  J' I: k 928 TOTTON DIRECTORY. % p/; i I t I, n, £ E,' # ' !< Knight Herbt. N. 42 Hammonds la Knight Wm. Geo. Shamirock, Salisbury rd Knowlton Arth. Hy. 20 Brokenford la Knowlton Hy. 5 Lydtfynch rd K [...]
Full text:[...] % 946 WEST END DIRECTORY. Smyth Victor, Daxram, Allington la Sinythe Frank, Newlands, Allington la ♦Sne»l@rove Alfd. 15 Hinkder ird ♦Snell Fred. Cosy cott. Chaucer rd ♦Snellgrove Jas. Edwd., Keswick, [...]
Full text:[...]  WEST END DIRECTORY. 947 301 i Do'r; * White Wm, Geo. 17 Burns rd ♦Whitelock Wm. F., Agincourt, Kane's hill ♦Wbitlock A. R., Arro'char, Thornhill av Whitlock Mrs. E. Laurel ho. Chapel rd *Wilcox Thos [...]
Full text:[...] ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 975 Hodgen Royston 6. (Harl- wood ho) Stephens Chas. G. (St. Margaret's) CHAPEL LANE, Ashurst. From Lyndhurst road to Fox-hills. West side. Pitts Ralph, farmer (Ashurst Brid [...]
Full text:[...] M! 984 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. !{ ??; Lackford avenue—con. McGee Jn. (Bramshaw) Elliott Regnld. R. (Reba) Scullard Leonard J. (Dun roaming) White Regnld. J. (Clovelly) Pearce Tom C. H. (Char-leen) [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. 1 Fray Victor Geo. 215 Chestnut av. Eastleigh Frith Mrs.. E., Hams farm, Twyford rd. Eastleigh Frith Regnld.' Edwd. Woodside farm, Woodside la. Eastleigh Game Fredk. Brixedone farm, [...]
Full text:[...] ELiNG & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 1021 Lombard Bernard, 22 Andrew close, Calmore, T Lomer Edgar J. Berwick lodge, Fir rd. Ashurst Long Arth. C. 120 Salisbury rd. T Long Rt. H. 4 Tedder way, T Long Wm. 2 Bish [...]
Full text:[...]  1018 FBTT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD TELEPHONE : 764SS C.C & son (Proprietor : J. B, PARSONS, M.N.A.F.D.l Funerals Personally Conducted to aM Parts. Saloon Complete arrangements made® MOTOR HEARS [...]
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