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Full text:[...]  V / 'tJI'IT. •V'»K !!4#'HI0K(Vf (IK/ THE SOCTHAMBTuN OBSERVER AND WlN0HE9TBR NE W3—SATCRD AY, NOVEMBER 9. 1878. MisoellanMm*' §^w-M T PHABLK8 ANDBRSONi of 1, KS Street, Southampton. WANTED, to REN [...]
Full text:[...] Coal, Elm Coffins, and other usual articles from the 50th day of Deo. next, to tha 29ih day of March next Tha consumption of Breed for the Workhouse during ths quarter Is estimated at 1,000 Loaves of [...]
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