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Full text:[...] morocco. 39 rnimity to remonstrate on every fitting occasion against such accusations which, apart from their utter groundlessness, foster feelings of enmity between the followers of different creeds. [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 29 48.—Letters cann6t be returned after once posted. Letters, when posted, can under no circumstances be returned to the writers or persons posting them, until they have been [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 27 42.—Post Office Money Orders. The period for granting and paying money orders at the Post Office is from nine in the morning until six in the evening, except during the ti [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 103 Copy of letter received by the Honorary Secretary of the Branch from Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., President of the Association, in reply to one addressed to him on the sad occasion of the [...]
Full text:[...] 146 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Copy of a letter from the Manchester Branch of the Anglo -Jewish Association:— Manchester, April 21sf, 1880. Dear Sie, I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of condolenc [...]
Full text:[...] PERSIA. 4 VI.—PERSIA. The Eleventh Annual Report (pp. 29 & 30) set forth a correspondence which took place with His Imperial Highness the Prince Zil-us-Sultan, Governor of Ispahan, Pars, &c., by whi [...]
Full text:[...] 35 secure an equal protection to all its subjects without distinction of religion or nationality, you may rest assured that your coreligionists in Arabia will find themselves treated in the same manne [...]
Full text:[...] It'; : w. SHARLAND, at® 33, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, (Adjoining the Dolphin Hotel.) LETTER-PRESS AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTING. Drawing materials. - ----- - - h- TRAVELLING WRITING CASES. BibUs' P^yer [...]
Full text:[...] CONTENTS. Alphabetical List of Householders and Residents Street Directory - List of Villages, &c., in Hampshire, with the Post Towns to which they belong - . - Post Office Regulations Extent of Offi [...]
Full text:[...] Excellent Family Medicine. WHELP TON | T R A ^ITT" M AR K (REGISTERED) [ (J2 adopted, and are now universally esteemed as a gieat boon. WHELPTON'S PILLS Pills both personally and by letter, fmrnssimm [...]
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