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Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—1920. LAD 767 JOBBING- GAEDENEES. Barfoot & Son, Point Out road, Bassett Curtis George, 94 Portswood road Gooding John, 8 Canada road, Woolston G-urd E. Butts Ash, Hythe L [...]
Full text:[...]  804 STJKi SOUTHAMPTON AND NETGHBOURHO©® Surveyors—continued. Smith. & Norfolk, 16 Oxford street Thirl awav Robert f.s.i. 2 High street WALLER & KING f.a.i. The Auction Mart, 17 Above Bar street (Te [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. BON Bitterne Park Hotel ('L. Carlstrom, manager), Whitworth cres.
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 949 Perry Wltr. Hy. 98 The Crescent Pert Ernest, 15 Toynbee rd peters Wm. 38 Chestnut av Pette Mrs. 6. 204 Market st Petty Leonard, 29 St. Catherine's rd Pettyfer Albt. Percy, 18 [...]
Full text:[...] 988 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 1 m i E M: I Osborn road—continued. 21 Maton Wltr 23 Cull Regnld 25 Lewis Harold 25 Osman Wm 29 Bessant Edwd 31 Maton Albt 33 Blandford Geo 35 Hood Fred 37 Maton Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] 1000 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Water lane—continued. 55 Chalk Kenneth 57 Chalk Frank 59 Matthews Chas 61 Davis Thos. J 63 Parker Danl 65 Ashford Rt. E 67 Cooper Wm. J 69 Mansbridge Alfd [...]
Full text:[...] ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 1019 Kemish Fredk. 185 Water la. T Kemish Geo. T., Whitton, Hammonds grn. T Kemish Jn. 43 Ringwood rd. T Kemish Maurice, 31 Calmore rd. T Kemish Mrs., St. Hilda, Stanley rd. [...]
Full text:[...] 1070 NURSLING AND ROWNfiAMS DIRECTORY, {*Bennett Herbt. Jas. 51 TJpton ores {*Berdick Harold Sydney, 24 Upton cres {Berry Victor Aug. Chilworth view, Rown-hams la {Betteridge David Austin, Ivydene [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. NTJK 1071 THE PORTSWOOD_ NURSING HOME Miss A. J. LEWIS, S.R.N.. Matron * Medical and Chronic Cases 131 PORTSWOOD ROAD SOUTHAMPTON Offer Miss F. 68 University rd. Highfield Eeid Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...] 1200 LAB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD LABEL PRINTERS. SUTTLEY & SILVERLOCK (Branch of Kelly's Directories Ltd.), Andover, Hants; SPECIALISTS IN PRINTING FOR CHEMISTS. London office: 2 Arundel street [...]
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