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Full text:[...]  Iff SOUTHAMPTON GFS-IGIAI, DITISCTOEY-~1920. Electoral Divisions. I^ames & Addresses. wKS™ ......— Joseph William Gilbert, Fair Close villa, Whitchurch Winchester" St." BarVholomeir ^ RogtrS' The Bu [...]
Full text:[...]  BOinHAMPTOX POLICE. 5ATURUAV. Defer* J. H. Cooksey, *£q. (Chairman), Aldirman Lamb. ii A J- '■ DKONKKWMM.—J»mM Hampton. a hone dealer warn brought up on & warraui for havlny neglected to appear to a [...]
Full text:[...] 10 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 35 Birt, W. 36 Dawe, Mrs. J. 37 Hutohinson, R» W. 38 Hall, J. D. 39 Tanner, B. 40 Bligh, R. G. 41 Mundy, T. 42 Brine, John 43 Easton, James 44 Dyer, R. 45 Dove, Georg [...]
Full text:[...] 10 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STBEETS. rl I yl;: ¥ I w. 6 Creed, Mrs. 8 Brown, John 9 Miller, William 10 Riddleswood, E. 8 Brown, John 11 Pearson, Alfred 12 Daniels, William 14 Pearcy, John 15 Ellyett, Geo [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIREOTOBY—1920. 7 The ..Hospital of Grod's House, Winkle street, founded by Gervase le Riche, portreeve of Southampton, in the reign of Henry II, is for eight poor persons, and has. a cha [...]
Full text:[...]  ■WW THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINOHE3TBR NEWS-SATURDAY- JANDART 12, 1579. it goodi at Lamby't, M»ya»ld'«, Connlnthl Other* that I * *------—1 ' - "■* pair* of boet* h( iceount whaterer . _j follo [...]
Full text:[...]  8 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 1 J 'ii i 1 ik I I i 2.Serridge, Joseph 3 Pollard, William 4 Smith, Isaac 5 Syms, William 6 Perrem, Mary 7 Back, William 8 Ruddock, Phoebe 9 Philpot, William 10 Mors [...]
Full text:[...] kelly's directory of southampton. founded by two brothers, Gervase and Pro tasius, in the reign of Henry III. is for eigh poor persons, and has a chapel, dedicated to St. Julien; the chaplaincy is in [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STBEETS, 5 Penny, Isaac 6 Pierce, Mrs. 10 Jelly, William 12 Pope, Martin 13 Large, George Edmunds, Richarc Olding, James 1 Thulby, John 2 Freak, George 3 Read, Reuben 4 Moss, Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. :# i i I; % I J ill z1 ;'l i Albion-place. Marsh, Thomas Diaper, Mark Amor, Mrs. F. Ralfe & Warner Warner, Charles 1 Burnett, Richard 2 Osman, Thomas 3 Hunt, Henry 4 Wi [...]
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