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Full text:[...] 46 Harrison, Charles, esq. 12, Carlton crescent Harrison, J. B. esq. St. Mary's street Harriss, Jonathan, Lamb Inn, Millbrook Harriss, Charles, shopkeeper, Bittern Harriss, Ephraiin, mariner, Itchen [...]
Full text:[...] LOCAL TOKENS. 39 Miss E. Stevens. 191 " The Civil Wars of Southampton." A Book dealing with Local Conflicts, 1794. 192 193 194 195 X.—Local Tokens. Tokens of Hampshire and Southampton. The issue of t [...]
Full text:[...] I ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES, Hall (Thos.) and Co. wine, spirit, and coal merchants, 108, High-st. Hall, Wm. Moore, merchant's clerk; 10, Orchard-terrace Hallum, Lieutenant, Telegraph, Westend Halsey [...]
Full text:[...] I 1 III THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9. I87S. 1 ' f-..... K * frAisw &FZSZ.....-.......— ................. ,n i ibis is lb* way it it worked:-Every favourable night [...]
Full text:[...] 54 •ootxawhon snonrr dirictoxy. aboti ba* tT*M*T—con. 45 Fermnin George Adolphui, linen warehouse 46 Caplen & Co. grocers & tea dealers 48 Kent H.B.&Co.ironmongrs 49 Varley Mrs. Sarah Curtis, berlin [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 41 Boilermakers' Society, 54 Henstead road ; W. Darroch, see Boy Scouts (County Borough of Southampton Local Association), 2 Carlton crescent; Sev. G. T. Waldegrave, district [...]
Full text:[...] i —» .. j., . '......«' THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NE\T8—SATfTHI)-VT. FEBRUARY 9. ls7B. c 0 II I) li H ' r i! o s p ii o iCb;a' <$& (REO I8TEB ED>) .| MM^( DX8BA3E8 OP TOB MBRVB8, SKIN A [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 21 f 6 Randall, H. 7 Heritage, J. UPPER. 1 Monnery, J. Weldon, G. 3 Kriowles, Mrs. 4 Burt, W. 5 Russell, J. 6 Medley, A. Foote, J. Butler, J. 9 Dexter, J. 10 Yetman, R. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DI&ECTO&Y. A13 rNSPECTOES of weights & measures & Official Samplers under the Fertilizers & Feeding Stuffs Acts. 1906. Chief Inspector, C. p. Perry, The Weights & Measures office, New roa [...]
Full text:[...] A 28 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. Tosh-Robb Mrs, 19 Oak road, Woolston Trim Alfred Edwin, 32 Gordon avenue, Udall*'Alfred E. 32 Kinkier road. Bitterne Yickers K. H., M.A. 161 Burgess road Waller George A [...]
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